Optimism and Trust - To get through the Covid 19 and Beyond


We certainly have been going through a lot of challenges in the last This year this year. Basically but i have a very interesting and innovative and inspiring guest. Robert cornish robert basically has become virtually great himself and truly a great however. Because you get support from others. And i'm right on that page myself because if we didn't have support from others you know we wouldn't be where we are robert achieve greatness as a race car driver by himself and that's what race car drivers do as early adapter. He discovered the coaching profession. And it was basically. I think your purpose and passion from what i'm you know gotten to know you So he coaches to inspire greatness in others. Which is he coached for championship. Winning race car drivers as well as business leaders in executives that that who achieve consistently higher business outcomes particularly from their teams so about twenty five plus years ago of coaching is evolution innovation and mastery. He built a deep understanding of the role of optimism and trust which plays in achieving greatness in any endeavor. Robert has been Excuse me dedicated to energizing business. Success and he is the published author. He has many credentials but this last book that he is written is optimism entrust in. It's a handbook to survive. And thrive through covid nineteen and beyond. Welcome while. welcome robert. So you know please tell us a little bit about your where. You're from your beginnings in life that got you to this point and really pleased to be here with us cheryl and the opportunity to tell my story and and maybe raise awareness on. How important is it to be optimistic. Entrusting in our lives particularly in in our situation today in the world but am i alive Birth of all. I've experienced the the names of both pessimism and optimism in my life on the pessimistic side. My mom passed away. When i was two two years old and my dad kept me with him as much as he could. Place in people's homes and so forth and along way i started to stutter when our end From that stuttering place. I was continually being made fun of teas and even physically hit so. I was constantly pessimistic. About you. know is is safe around this person. You know children can be very cruel you know. Yeah yeah so. And i dealt with that stuttering for the first basic first half of my life and So that's beyond me now.

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