Jack Jackson, Jack Deck And Carrie discussed on Radio From Hell


Now the host that I cannot give a proper introduction to swell. Just throw it to bury Jack Jackson. You know, at least you could've done something Hella weed. You got a guy? It's scary. Jack Jackson. There you go. Scary. Carrie. Jack Deck. Come again something you kind of put some effort into your spooktacular Carry jail. Thank you. Both. Thank you both very much. All right. I'm excited to be playing against him. It's time to play Beat Chainsaw Guy. Everybody Chainsaw guy is here He is, Of course, the guy at the end of the haunted house that chases you out of it. He's wearing a hockey mask, and he's got it. He's brandishing a chainsaw Is that every 100 house that you have ever been to the O, and he is also self certified life coach and advice person. Uh, studying to get his license to be a therapist. Trained therapist. Yeah, sorta on your way way. Correspondence courses a good I don't know. I think Johnny's given your bad yelp reviews so that turd, all right, Here's how we pick our contestants for Beat Chainsaw Guy in this case, it's by prize, so Chainsaw Guy will get to choose which prize he will win. If if this person beats you know if you beat

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