Miguel Gutierrez's Strongly Worded Emails About Art and Money


Have a sense of how much money you lost due to covid Probably the more from fifteen to twenty thousand dollars. That wasn't just gonna go to me but just also also the people that work with me so your whole sort of people who work with you. Is that a loss that you are going to be able to absorb without big changes. Well like i said. I applied for everything. Could i got a lot of that stuff. You know i. I applied for the unemployment. That i could which came with the with the little boost of the six hundred dollars And then i got a lot of like virtual guest artist gigs throughout the spring like march april. May i was. I was suddenly visiting schools institutions. All over the world from here from. I'm like my i was actually in my mom's house in florida hol holding up in my father's old office so there was all kinds of feelings about that. None of those things were like paying some crazy amount of money. But they paid decent and and and You know like i. I just did what we always do. So i haven't sat down and done the numbers. I i can't tell you. Exactly if i recall the exact amount but i i did. I did okay and did you. You've been a professional artist for decades. Like this did co ed. Did covid lay lay bare. Some of these labor dynamics in a way that you like did you see them in a new way amid very plain. But it's nothing. It's no no completely not new know. There was a kind of concentration to the to the Experience of losing a gag but gig fall apart. All the time and precarity is sort of the ground floor of this field and he decided that you don't know if you're going to you know be okay next year. That feeling about is i mean. That's a constant and that's constant for me. I know my whole professional career. You know I mean i've been lucky. And i kind of in general and like us. I'm i'm like okay. It's gonna be okay. It's okay but you know part of how it was okay. Wins sterling the two thirds of my professional career. Part of it. How it was okay. Was that my life was relatively cheap. And i very foolishly not pay my debts so you know dots dot was kind of my g for a long time and that was not not a great move on my part. But it's the move. I need

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