But we are awaiting so the governor was asked yesterday about this


I guarantee you tables turn If if Joe Biden was losing in all of these states. There would be legal challenges, and if there were votes, two different times votes were found that had not been counted. And then, when they were counted, they were 2 to 1 in favor of Joe Biden. The Democrats, justifiably so would be standing up and screaming and saying This is why you need to count again. Make sure So you can say it's postponing the inevitable and you might be right. I have been leaning since Friday that this is too big of a hill to climb for the president that I believe that what's gonna happen is state by state, whether he wins in some cases and loses in the other that it's gonna be too much to overcome. And Jen. Sooner or later, Joe Biden is gonna be named the president elect the election will be certified. But it hasn't yet. If you would ask me last week during the Cardinals game, I was just talking with someone. Um, I think it was yesterday. I was talking with someone yesterday. That said They shut that they wouldn't check the barbecue. They started. The barbecue started their grill

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