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I'm in the virtual studio today with producer Ginny Moon Hey Jeannie I'm waving to you all the way from Harlem, Hey Maria, I'm in Queens. So Jeannie were talking about our favorite topic today parenting, right? Yeah and parenting in twenty twenty is a whole new level parenting. You know what I have adult children now. So honestly, I am so thankful that I do not have to be raising little kids during this time I just can't imagine. So what have you been doing because how old is your little boy now Medina's turning three it's been an adventure I don't know how else to put it. But in this adventure, you're not really going anywhere, right? No, it's an adventure within the four walls of our apartment. So what's it been like like? How do you even manage it I don't some days and some days I do. I had to cut back to part time. So when everything shut down I, just tried to manage the best I could. But it became too much I. was burnt out I was trying to work at night I was trying to work in his nap times and also like switching gears from mom to try and. Write an email or work I can't multitask again if I have a toddler running around in the background running my life like he's the boss, I can hear my in the background saying Mommy's. But yeah, you just Kinda deal with it. Yeah. I have to say in the beginning the only way I made it through, was my coffee in the morning and passing the torch to the wine that I would have to the day. I know you're tired genie as a parent but the thing is, is that when people are tired, they're like, oh, my God the last thing I want to do is go to work but for you, you're like I'm tired I really WanNa go to work yeah. Because I just WANNA. Work without distractions like how many times a day do I have seen running in here and being like me and like L. And he wants to play and like. Hangman. And it's nice. I had review. On some level, but I really just want to focus for an eight. Hour Day Without a distraction and it's because it's really hard to switch gears feel like women are good at multitasking. But this is not one of those scenarios I wanNA parent when I need to parent and I wanna work when I need to work I can't do both at the same time. So. This whole thing about the schools being closed down like New York City like they try to never close the schools down, right? Yeah. So the fact that they did shut down and they shut down all around the country poses a really big challenge because. Not, everybody can set up for remote learning I mean not everybody has Internet. Some kids only get their meals if they're going to school so. It really has been a challenge on a lot of different levels. So you decided that you like all parents you're like, okay I need to talk to other parents and commiserate and think and see how other people are doing it. So you didn't gather a group of parents I guess virtually right? Yeah I did because there's been a slew of articles about the mental load that everybody is dealing with as parents because you're not meant to do both things at once like you can't parent and work full-time that's why childcare exists and none of this was meant to be a long term solution. But I do want to say before we start that even though we have all been affected by the pandemic, all of us participating in today's roundtable have been fortunate enough to still be working in some format. So we're all healthy and we're all grateful for that but we're barely hanging on by threat. So here we go. I want to welcome from Dallas Texas we have. dinty Cabanas. Hi. How are you? Thank you for having me. So glad you're here I have Joe Marvin Tura from Richmond California. For having me and I have to Haida Alencastro from Orlando Florida. Hey thank you. Teeny. Thanks for having me and just the disclaimer everyone knows to hide it and I have actually known each other for like twenty years. So no surprises there little bit. All right. So I just want to quickly go around the virtual room. And tell me about your kids what you do. This is our Sia I am in Dallas. As you said, I have two little girls wind will be ten in three weeks. The other one will be four in two weeks. And I for fulltime digital marketing manager for. Mary. Kay Corporate here in Dallas Great Jomar. Hi I'm Joanna and I'm in Richmond. That's you know the bay area and my little one is turning three months and I teach elementary school. So juggling the new definition of a teacher and first time parent has been very, very interesting adventure. Into Haida. I have two kids. My son is ten years old and my daughter is about to be eight and a few weeks and I am a systems engineer for Lockheed. Martin but I work from home. So I've been A. Since two thousand and five. Okay. So we're going to start from the beginning. I think I mean I don't know about the rest of you but I think we all were kind of like Oh. This is going to be a few weeks we can do this. No big deal, but walk me through personally what? Each of you guys had to go through and like what kind of plan you came up with to get by for the end of the school year. Well for us like all of you we've had to adjust we did not work from home originally We were released for spring break and never came back. We were told we were going to stay. And do you learning and so it was a shock I'm not gonNA live my husband and I freaked out a little bit. But then we had to pivot really quickly. Right what are we going to do? Do we have the right equipment to we have the right setup at the House Both of our kids are in the same school. So that was one good thing because it was need to everybody. So the school they know what they were doing. We know what we're doing the girls were like what's going on? So the ambiguity of it all was really challenging for all of us. But we just started getting a routine down our dining room became our command center. So I would say the first two weeks were horrible I'm not GonNa lie but I think we've all pivoted. Can and so I was pivoting at home I was pivoting at work. And even with myself like how am I going to take time for myself and you know lose it But I'm not allowed I'm sure I'm not a lot. Of. This

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