The discussion about the 25th amendment, which is to remove the president


The 25th amendment, which is to remove the president from power when they have a mental or medical issue, right. But by the second time, and by the way, the 25th amendment can't be put into place unless the vice president signs off on it. I believe you need two thirds of the house, two thirds of the Senate, half of the Cabinet and the vice president's advice, and now we have the vice president. Who was supposed to vote today in Indiana, who is hightailing it back to Washington, D. C. For what they say not health reasons. They say it's scheduling issues, but you put the two together and it's like, really okay. Yeah, he caught a ride by the way on the back of a very large fly. I heard my fate by the way. My favorite name on that was it said that a picture of Camilla and pence next to each other, and it said that showed the Flying has said. It's the only black friend Pence

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