Spooky Stories Week


This week's theme comes to us from Shane McClellan and is called spooky stories. Here's why chose this theme he writes Hey. My name is Shane McClellan. I'm the creator of the files podcast and theme I chose is spooky stories because while October the spookiest time of the year. Here, are the episodes chosen by Shane for this week's theme along with short descriptions of each episode. The first episode comes to us from old gods of Appalachia and is called prologue. It's nine minutes long. Welcome to our APPALACHIA. We're hearts are good. Hands are. And no one wants to talk about what sleeps beneath us. The next episode comes to us from the cue files and is called the Donner Party, it's twenty three minutes long. This is the horrifying story of the Donner Party told like never before. Next up is scare you sleep and the episode is called Cannibals it's thirty seven minutes long. Spooky soothing unnerving bedtime stories. The next episode comes to us from stories with Sapphire and is called Dula for death. It's twenty nine minutes long. Listening for unique perspectives on death. and. The last episode of the week comes to us from euphemistic and it's called a vampire feeds. It's thirty three minutes long. Here's the description real vampires the draining of blood, the feeding on others and the quest to keep others fed. Those are the episodes chosen by Shane for this week's theme Spooky Stories.

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