Noah Cyrus Apologizes for Using Racially Offensive Term While Defending Harry Styles Against Candace Owens

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Thousand volt would address on it conservative. Firebrand candace owens who is black contrary to popular belief. She's black that made her tweet out. There is no society that can survive without strong in the east knows this in the west steady feminization of our men at the same time. That marxism is being taught. Our children is not a coincidence. It is an outright attack. Bring back manly men. Of course that made social media go crazy because not too. Many people starve to catch fish. Like candace owens okay. She really owns your soul. Because you all can't help but respond to her. Have you heard the saying he who angles you control you. Well turn that into a she and esau candidates she who angers you control you and she absolutely controls you all because she makes you also angry that you have to say something to her. She can get a rise out of any and everybody. It is truly a gif okay. She proved that yet again. Because harry styles responded to her posting pick of himself in a powder blue suit eaten a banana with the caption bring back manly men and is replied when people try to tell me. I don't have influence then. Harry styles dedicates an entire post in my tweet. She's right and that leads to noah cyrus on her i g story. Wednesday noah shared a photo of harry's thousand address with the caption. He wears this dress better than any of you. Nappy assholes now. I'm not the highest grade in dispensary okay. I'll tell you. I tell you this all the time but i thought it was universally known in acknowledged that a white person calling a black person. Nappi was a no go okay. The last time. I heard a white person put nappy in holes in the same sentence publicly with don imus referred to the mostly black rutgers university email basketball team backing like oh six. Oh seven As nappy head. Nappy headed and he got his ass. Handed him over that. Okay recipes. Don imus i think he's dead. I know is only twenty. But i find it hard to believe. She didn't know what she was saying. Okay she apologized and said. I am mortified that i use the term without knowing the context and history but i know now am horrified and truly sorry i would never use it again. Thank you for educating educating me. I in no way meant to offend anyone. I am sorry. Now here's the thing we all say things we regret. We all go too far at times. Trust me i notice is charlemagne to god talking. Okay leonard you know. I've said some wild insensitive inappropriate stuff in my day. Yes when you heard someone and i wasn't giant tension. You apologize if you didn't know that what you were saying was offensive and insensitive. You apologize but the question. I have for young. No aspires is if he didn't mean for it to be offensive. In what did you intend for it to. Okay it's hard for me to believe that you didn't know the context in history of that word. Clearly you knew it was an insult. Nappy assholes is very specific so specific that. I can't even remember the last time i used it. Nappy is not in my vocabulary. Okay maybe because i'm ball headed i don't know but i don't use that word last time. I use it out. Probably quoting stretched from naughty by nature. When i was watching them the uptown anthem video in the god said the naughty nappy. Nasty nasty trashy whole happy pappy. That's happy to be nappy happy. Belated by the way to try to turn fifty tomorrow. The story is nappy as unique. Were okay when you pull it out without. Asked the us against the black towards him in that way is kinda hard to say. You didn't know what the hell you was talking about. But i digress. Not judging you not trying to beat up on you just trying to keep you and other white folks for making this mistake see. You can't say racially insensitive things. The black folks even if said black person is someone. A particular group of black people doesn't like and black people. You may not like candace owens but she still black whether you think she realizes it so. Don't let this fly just because you don't like candace. Owens is not okay for a white person to be referring to a black woman as one nappy into a ho. please give noah styles. The biggest yaw

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