Enormity. Of the Flynn case. It is essential to internalize the fact that never


Theater ministrations to attack persons. The president himself personally attempt to attack and destroy him and all those around him. And so in this regard on the fifth of January, there's a briefing in the Oval Office. Quite a tastic characters. The president himself President Obama. Correct the illustrious vice president Joe Biden. Joe Biden is their director. CIA John Brennan. John Brennan clappers sitting there? Who's the director of National intelligence? Susan Rice, the national security pastor. At that point, director of FBI, Jim Comey. Correct and then Sally Yates. Correct. Why Sally Yates interesting well, because at that point, she's going to pick up the ball and become the acting attorney general. Okay and so and she should know she purportedly is surprised. What Obama tells her. This is the big deal from last week. Last week's flight filings on General Flynn's case being an unsubstantiated have in those documents and FBI memorandum in which Sally Yates is apparently shocked. That there is an operation against Mike Flynn and who's giving her the date details of the operation. President Obama President Obama knows the details correct filling in the woman who is deputy Attorney general, United States Smoking gun. Am I wrong? Right? And then later on, they should talk about going up to go. Brief press President elect Trump And

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