How Duchess Meghans heartbreaking essay is helping others


With the latest world news and goings on. Of course you'll host amid. Scooby joined by the lovely. Abc news. foreign correspondent maggie. Really for full one. I was trying to explain to my british colleagues. About like what thanksgiving means for americans and i was like well. It's like if the best of all the holidays because all you do you just you just eat pretty much so you just eat a lot of and you're with friends and family and everyone tells each other how grateful they are and how much they love each other. You know. it's kind of like the best holiday around. Although you say you say you took. he's in. I saw some pictures of your thanksgiving spreading. Look very healthy fair. i kind of i. I'm the person that's always been charged with bringing the vegetables at the thanksgiving table. So i take my rule quite seriously but for thanksgiving even vegetables. A fun kick. I may dislike massive kale squash salad but also through indies. Cute hunks of homemade croutons. So it was like moderation a little bit of treatment a little bit of kale and then of course everyone to go on a turkeytrot with me that morning go for a little run before the turkey which is fun and i think everyone obviously knows this year thanksgiving and everyone's holiday season look so different than it has in years past but in a weird way i also made it special because you know everyone is trying to just find what they're grateful for even though you know there is a lot of loss and sadness right now but it does make you focus on the things that you've been blessed with and so i'm taking a moment to not only eat a ton but also to really think about what you're grateful for. It is one of my favorite holidays and again did i mentioned the eating. That's the other part that's really important. All of those things. Hopefully not a candy in your first thing texted me. When we were talking this morning he was like did you have any of those ghastly candied land. What is with them. They're disgusting thanksgiving spread. You'll thanksgiving spread sounded somewhat similar to the success. Of course we now have members of the royal family joining thanksgiving celebrations. And i checked in with a source close to the couple. Find out how they'd be celebrating this year. of course jesus. Social distancing restrictions. They are at their home in montecito but as whole by source that they're looking forward to celebrating their first american thanksgiving in the states as a family and that they didn't enjoyed home cooked meals. Traditional thanksgiving dishes include eating recipes made with fresh vegetables on the phone. I would love to see their thanksgiving table. I feel just like they would really do it. Well also those veggies have grown quickly because they move to get into the heart of this article. We need proof of these veggies. Domon investigate really exciting to their first thanksgiving together stateside as a family. I mean i think that must be really cool for him to be able to share it with harry. I think i have other friends that are in sort of a cross. The pond relationships and being able to share a holiday that really is special for americans with their other. Half that's british. It's a really cool in special moment. And when you know to actually be able to. Experience it in america's while i'm sure it was really fun for harry and really fun for the three of them absolutely and especially for a couple that have a child of jewel citizen shit. You know. i think the british holidays on the american lives as justice in boston as each other. For little launches great and especially. You know we'll talk about this a later in the show but after the year We have discovered that the couple had. I think it's great to be able to have those moments just together as a family. Nothing is more important. That's such a good point for everyone to again going back to finding those moments to be grateful this year. You know of course so much. Has you know quite the understatement but not gone the way. A lot of people planned When a lot of heartbreak for others as well it's important to come together to in recognize things that you can still be grateful for in this time as we come out of lockdown in the uk and other countries including parts of canada. A going into lockdown. We'll be talking a little bit about some of the latest findings with the vaccine for covid nineteen particularly from the oxford university group. Working on the vaccine and prince william had a conversation with researchers at elapsed here in oxford which is actually carney. Am the moments. We'll be talking a little bit about that. We'll be finding more about kate's five big questions you'll remember at the start of the year. She had five of them. And we now have onces but more importantly we also have insight into want cates focused. We'll be moving forward. Their msa milestone and landmark walk up head for the duchess of cambridge and she spoke about an online forum earlier today. We'll be sharing some details from that will also be checking in with prince charles. He has adopted. I'll save the details. This is the good teachers. Your guys don't want to find out what he's adopted but we of course started the week this week with the duchess of sussex is new york times essay revealed that her and harry suffered tragic loss of their second child. in a poignant essay written for the paper megan spoke about dealing with grief after miscarriage of course starts a conversation about the importance of checking in on others and those around us off. The wall has been a really difficult year now. I don't think anyone was expecting to really hear anything of this kind from the apple From from the outset they look like they have really settled into what it looks like a beautiful life in california but of course behind the scenes they have privately struggled with the grief behind this and at this point megan felt it was the right time to come out and talk about it and you know i think i remember getting the message that this article was coming out on wednesday morning And i think you know you think you know a subject or a person that you write about and i think reading makings words on this. That were so personal. So candid at the impact from a and it could immediately see the comments online Just carried so much weight. I think a lot of people found it really refreshing to hear the duchess. Speak about something that so many people choose to not talk about for favor of discrimination for judgment and of course the heavy boot tabu the still ways of this conversation around baby loss. I think it makes a good point omega just in from the outside looking in and what you see on social media and people often share. You wouldn't know that they had gone through such a tragedy together. And i think that's not just this couple. That's most people out there. Most people are posting sort of their most exciting things that happen to them in life. The happy things that happened to them on social media. and so. that's kind of what you start to believe. Everyone is living. And if you're going through tragedy can be very isolating and you feel like you're very alone and as you pointed out that's why article resonated with so many families so many people in general because here you have someone saying yes the photos we put out our some of our most exciting lives but we to went through this very tragic time together as a couple suffered a great loss. We are were grieving. And i think a lot of people have also gone through that same thing. How do you sort of keep going forward every day putting on this brave face for the world when you know your family is grieving. The loss of a child and to be so public about that as as a public figure who is looked up to by many women and men. It's so important to be the face but it takes courage as well to be someone to put yourself out there to make yourself vulnerable a lot of the themes that she talked about in that near times article. You know. we're very very personal. Descriptions of the event of what happened how it happened. What it felt like for her. And for harry. I mean she. She really laid it all out there and made herself vulnerable.

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