People Fear What They Dont Know

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People being afraid of things that they don't understand. Yeah that's that's a great topic because in industry when you're talking to other land investors you've you certain types of jargon and a lot of times we don't remember that the public doesn't understand that type of jargon so we can use that to our advantage in some situations but it hurts us in more situations than not for instance. I know you're like okay. What do you mean by that. I could see the look on your face. After i was just i was gonna ask her an example exam so like on a on a by side. Yeah we've got to do all the paperwork for that affidavit airship you know. It's going to be really tough to get this through. But you're working with the pros. This is what we are made to do. We can get that taken care of because getting a title were cleaned up and everything. It's tough but you're working with the right team to get this done. Let's signed a purchase agreement. Let me get it done well. It's laugh at airships. Just a page They just gotta know somebody. That's not making money off this and they can sign it. Not a big deal. But they don't know that they think it's as big ordeal to get all this stuff done and we know it is what it is. Yeah yeah i mean. I feel like the more you know about a subject the more you can talk yourself out of a cell okay. I'm a big opponent of less is more like i want them to be the talker. If i'm trying to sell some land. I'll just give them the bare minimum. I don't wanna be if. I catch myself talking too much. I feel like i'm losing it already. Okay and so. That's why like the best ads. i've ever run or just just enough to get them excited. When i'm selling land. I'm i don't know man go check it out like don't ask me. It's the same like when you're trying to get someone to join the education you want someone to sell themselves on a basically right and so i don't know sometimes you see these. Ads like listing ads or whatever they're a mile long. I'm bored halfway through it on. Probably moving on at that point. Yeah no i get that. And so the flip side of that. When i when you say that i think of ads where we put so much information in it and you start using terminology that in like oh shit as an investor. I'm scared because i don't know what it is and i don't want to seem dumb for asking. I'm not gonna ask them. Do you just said and move on. And that's the that's one of those things for me that there's a fine balance in what we can provide. You wanna be knowledgeable topic to talk to it to make sure that they're they're comfortable with it but also in a way that you're dumbing it down to the person's level of comprehension. Yeah if you're talking about things that only a land investor or i don't know anything real real estate professional real estate consultant If you're talking about the things that only those people can relate to than you've missed your target on people's is already glazed over you know and you don't want that you want them to stay excited about it. Let their imagination run wild and in my experience. The only way to let that happen is just give enough information feed. Don't lie to him and don't leave things out but you're leading them in a direction to let their mind wander beautiful forty acre property. It's got. It's got a nice meadow in some trees. There's a perfect place to build your cabin. I do see this a lot to with them when you talk like say for example. While i'm i'll use our education that goes ample right someone. We talked to hear it. They sound great right. We're obviously we're not lying about the stuff we're doing it every day. it will. Then they tell their friends who have never heard of. This are never done this now. The sudden they're friends start talking way down. There's no no way in hell. This works or scam artist. Right that happens with land to buy forty acres out in the middle of nowhere for fifteen thousand dollars. Nah no way it has to be. Nobody's going to tell you that. That's and that's like you hit the nail on header. Go look at it. Tell me what you think. Let me know when you're ready to make an offer. You just did that. I did it on the phone goes. Hey man you got this. This differ seventeen thousand dollars a year. It's up next to some. Bela is gonna hunt on it. Yes you can. It's yours to hunt on. Plus you got the land on all right next to you. Okay cool well. Can i make an offer. Have you looked at the property. It will no. But i was thinking about going but i i want to know if the owner will make an offer while i'm the owner telling you go look at it. Make sure what you want and then shoot me an offer. Let's talk about it. Okay actually made an offer right then. Yeah yeah we'll take that let's go. Let's say money on a deal. I was about to jump in now. He he doesn't have any land there. But i do say size. Do you have something here right now. I've got someone who's defaulted. They'll make the payment. They've i find the my most default for the entire year are october-november really. I don't know people are trying to save for christmas. Save or they spent that money on christmas stuff. But i mean. I've got a maybe a third or late right now. Wow i don't have anything late right now but i did give my people that were a little bit trouble. People i gave them a breakthrough kovic so already know that they were three months behind. I have one guy. He's starting a business having a shift bank account so he asked me if you could send me he. He only had cash for some jobs did and he is like. We're gonna send me cash birthday card. You want to send me a check from somebody else. So he was doing that. And then Going back to of the bank account. I am way

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