Iran’s president blames Israel for killing nuclear scientist and vows to respond at the ‘right time’

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Joe biden could be facing a crisis in iran when he takes office the runs top. Nuclear scientists was killed. Daytime ambush friday. The scientists was considered the architect of iran's secret nuclear program that was halted in two thousand three while. Nbc news has not independently confirmed details surrounding his death. Iran's foreign minister has implicated israel in the attack but israel has not commented on the allegations. Join me now now. You're a hawk former state. Department senior adviser and host of sirius. Xm that global experience treat a policy of the quincy institute for responsibility in statecraft and author of losing it. Enemy and colonel lawrence wilkerson former chief of staff for secretary of state colin powell. So i'd like to start with you. Treat it what exactly is happening right now. What are we hearing. Well the latest is happening. Is that the iranian president. I've come out with a statement. Essentially saying that iran is not going to walk into what he called a trap by israelis to escalate and and create a war because that is in his assessment with the israelis wants But it is not clear if that is the view of other elements inside the country. Some of this debate is starting to be taking place in public in which the argument that is made by the other side is that these assassinations continued to take place precisely because in their view the iranians have not responded harshly enough to previous attacks and the only way of preventing future. Attacks is to respond harshly. This one if that happens however than there is a very significant risk for a major esscalation potentially war which according to ruhani is what the Always looking for curl wilkerson. How unusual would it be for the notes to have not been informed of this. Do you believe that the white house knew that this was going to happen. It would be extremely unusual. Maria theresa I have to believe that was informed Trump's whole effort now seems to be to be foul the recent election. So i don't think he's very attentive to but my peyot at sectors state is and i'll remind your viewers of what's up their defense robert gates Now my chancellor. William and mary that the saudis are willing to fight the iranians for the last dead american. And i would add bb netanyahu too much in yahoo in that. I think that's what we're looking at here. They want as a major outcome. A war as a middle ground outcomes they want a bombing campaign by the us against toronto nuclear facilities and as a minimum amount They want to foreclose any possibility of the new president. Joe biden reentering the joint comprehensive plan of action the nuclear agreement with iran and. It looks like they're well on that road to success to follow up on that. Because i think the what the colonel stating is quite implicates the perhaps the role of the white house in this we know that any who has been a very strong ally of donald trump donald trump has been very clear that he is an ally of israel but also want also was the one that was responsible for pulling us out of the nuclear deal with iran. And the idea that we're hearing possibly is that donald trump perhaps did this. No had israelis did this informing donald trump. But also is this netanyahu's attempt to do something under this current administration that he knows me not able to do with a biden administration will the binding administration has certainly picked up a where. The obama administration left off in terms of wanting to return to diplomacy and use the tools of diplomacy to box in bad actors. If we rewind we know. The iran nuclear deal was less about iran's as a terrorist nation and more about eliminating the ability for iran to get a nuclear weapon. That yahoo was opposed of the saudis. Were closed. But this was a coordinated effort between european countries including russia and the united states with the united states. Pulling out that really opened the door. Before is israel and the saudis to look to other avenues to influence the united states. You also had with trump national security adviser john bolton who was in iran war hawk and so some of that still remains netanyahu just last week was meeting and talking with mohammed bin salman the crown prince of saudi arabia. So they're looking at a ticking time clock of being able to behave in ways in which the international at least the united states will not be speaking up. An opposing their efforts so That's the key thing is how much can they. Box in. A biden's options By engaging the united states under a trump administration or while trump is still commander in chiefs treatise of the. Us has done officially commented on what occurred. What is your take when this idea that. Perhaps the trying to do is box in the president elect wyden. I think that's absolutely correct than i think it's also correct would counter wilkerson said that There was probably some sort of implicit green light from the trump administration for netanyahu. Go forward with this. However it's also important to recognize that. Netanyahu must also have calculated that biden. Probably does not have the political will to inflict impose a cost netanyahu if he does these things to box in biden and i think it is up to the biden administration to prove netanyahu wrong. Because i doubt that netanyahu would have gone down this path unless he felt that it was pretty much cost fee from him not just from trump but also from biden

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