Atlanta's Fulton County says vote recounts will cost county close to $400,000


This last day of November Ws Feast, Michelle write reports live. The recount of the presidential race that took place at the beginning of the month. Continues in Georgia, Marcie. That's right. This latest recount requested by the president started last week. Under state law, The second place finisher can request a taxpayer funded recount if they lost by half a percent or less. Fulton County election Supervisor Ric Barone says this recount and the one before it will cost a pretty penny. Will be close to $400,000 for these two counts that we've done in the last week will resume their counted 8 a.m., and they need to wrap up since they've got a runoff election tomorrow. Cobb Gwinnett Handicap. Counties will also resume their retailers this morning, each hoping to be done before the state's Wednesday night deadline.

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