Pennsylvania’s top court expected to act quickly on appeal to let state proceed with election certification

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Say a court order to halt the vote certification process could interfere with the state ceding its electors. Tom Wolfe and Pennsylvania secretary of State Catholic Book Bar Filed an appeal in the state Supreme Court, which is expected to act quickly. Emily Previn, the from member station W I. T F has more. Wednesday's flurry of court action stems from Republican Congressman Mike Kelly's lawsuit seeking to throw out mail in ballots cast November 3rd. Kelly asserts a law enacted by the Pennsylvania Legislature permitting mail in voting without an excuse is unconstitutional. Wolf and book far had announced Tuesday that presidential vote counts were certified and President elect Joe Biden officially won the state. Then Kelly's team persuaded a Republican State court judge handling his case to halt certification. Now, Wolf and book far are asking Pennsylvania's high court where five of seven justices are Democrats to take the case and let certification move forward for NPR

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