SEOs Driving Impact Outside Of SEO


Tyson allen. Happy friday and welcome to the end of the road here at search insights week on the voice. Search podcast friday feeling. Good thanks for having us then tyson. You look like you're dragging your way of the finish line allen you look like you're just getting started getting warmed up. We're a start with you. Hey look we talked about ways. That organizations can improve their data driven decision making using search data. It's large it's unbiased. Its international and it can be mapped with your other data but look you need an internal sponsor to make sure that people understand the power of this search data. Why aren't there more. Seo's that are standing up. And saying i can answer these high level questions executive team why are they just being pigeonholed to focus on keywords. There's a latin pag in that question. And i think there's multiple that were having going into an organization when we're first establishing a relationship. I think number one. I do think as ios absolutely want to have these conversations. I think from my perspective. This isn't opinion i think. Seo is still a rather till the young industry. I still think there's a lot to learn a lot to educate across not only the marketing space but across the business space. When it comes as he. Oh i would argue that when you think about as the oh when you think about being a business major myself and having gone through the master's program excetera how many experts really out there in the seo space. I think that's a really good question to ask. There's a lot of people that say they know us. He'll how many people actually know. And therefore when you get into that kind of question and you start to think about. What are the challenges that seo's face just in general in their own discipline have they actually just picked up the discipline seo in maybe they're destroy marketers. Maybe they're not as technical or maybe their technical and are not more on digital marketing space. I guess so to answer that question. I do think. Seo's want to have that conversation. I think the leadership from the top is not positioning as ios correctly to have that conversation and that is where the understanding top has to be better to lead their organizations with. Seo or correctly you know. I think that part of the problem is that. Seo's don't have an executive level career path and because they're primarily operators rarely is there a vp of seo unless surreally big organization. And so you're looking at people that don't have executive experience for the most part they're operators and if they become really really successful they become well known in the industry. There isn't really a career path for them to excel in. Seo the have to branch out outside of seo and become more general digital marketers tizen. You've been an seo your whole career. Somehow you've actually grown up in the ranks and found an executive role in the organization and get a seat at the table. And i don't mean that as as a slight. I'm being honest that you know you're a rarity as an executive. Seo you work with lots of seo. Operators is there a problem where seo's aren't trained to think like executives and are just thinking about operations and not strategy meeting. I think kind of time back to some of the stuff that allen said. I don't think it's as much of having the skill said to me. It's more almost like learning a new language and it's taking your same knowledge and understanding and translating that into the terms and language. That's going to resonate with that audience and like for myself even when i'm talking to other. Seo's you have a pretty big divide between your technical more product oriented seo's and then more kind of content digital marketing type seo's and sometimes even depending on where as he sits within an organization or give you clues. I've noticed myself as if i'm talking to someone has more on the product side. My language like how i talk about something will shift and change a little bit and think as seo's for us to grow within the organization and further evangelize the power value. That search has is. We have to learn how to speak that language and we have to learn how to take the findings. The information into something. That's more digestible or relatable to that audience.

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