Turkey Jails Hundreds for Life Over 2016 Coup Attempt


Today In Turkey, a court found hundreds of defendants guilty of taking part in 2016 failed coup attempt. A total of 475 defendants have been on trial for three years more than 300 were given life in prison. Sweeping trial was part of a government crackdown that's jailed Thousands. Relatives of the convicted insisted today that many are innocent. No, But you said Mr Daley Aroma Muslim Brahmin. They were convicted today for life despite not participating in the coup attempt, despite fighting against the coup by locking themselves in a room to avoid aiding the two efforts. They were very young when they were thrown in prison. 24 25 now they're convicted for life. How do you explain this in the spirit of justice? Turkish President Richard Tie affair. The one accuses the clerics that to the Golan of orchestrating the uprising. Glenn is based in the United States and denies any involvement.

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