Washington DC Police Union criticizes DC Councilmember over protests


This week sparked by the death of 20 year old Karan Hilton, who crashes electric mope ed as a police attempt to do perform a traffic stop Well now, Daisy's police union is blaming the officer's injuries in part on the city's lawmakers. 14 police officers were sent to the hospital, responding to protest this week, and the D C police union says it's because They weren't ready. Officers running up getting head rocks or getting fireworks, and they're not able to defend themselves. Gregory Pemberton share of the D C police union, says that emergency temporary legislation by the D C council banning the use of riot gear unless officers are in danger is causing protests to turn violent. There's really no way for us to control these and keep this neighborhood safe. In a statement provided to W. T. O P council member Charles Allen says. Quote. It's a sad day for our city when the leadership of those sworn to protect us try to trade on a young man's death for headlines. Valerie Bonds. W T. O P News more protesters set to come to D C on Election Day

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