California confirms first simultaneous flu and coronavirus infection in one patient


Officials feared it was coming and now a Bay area resident. Tested positive for covert 19 and the flu. KCBS is Kathy Novak. Reports say it's a reminder to everyone to get a flu shot as the pandemic continues into the winter. Getting vaccinated against the flu is more important than ever, says Solano County health officer Dr Balin. Mathieu. The immune system is going to be very taxed Fighting off just one Never mind both of the viruses at the same time. And that's what we're most worried about. We're worried about having a much worse outcome for people who are elderly or for people with severe underlying health conditions, he says. Fortunately, the person who got both viruses simultaneously is young and healthy and hasn't been hospitalized. But, he says it's also a reminder that social distancing protects against the flu as well as Cove it which has been surging in the county because of a string of large gatherings. Well, we've been finding in our own county is that the very vast majority of people who get Cove it over 90%. Are people who get it by getting together with family and friends and letting their guard down currently in the states Red tear, the county is at risk of sliding back into the highest risk purple tear, meaning more restrictions on businesses and activities. Kathy Novak KCBS,

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