Vansilli talks about CS and trying out Diabolical


Our next guest on the centering East sports podcasts has been involved with the scene for a very long time before it was even called E. Sports, believe it or not please welcome to the show van. Silly guys. Thank you so much for having me. It's going great in some kicked in for the past two days. So I'm like a little bit groggy here and there, but still super excited to be part of the show. Thank you so much for having me. You've been. Go ahead tell us about I mean he you've been pretty busy. It's okay to be a little. For sure for I. Think I think as we're GONNA talk about him I'm I'm assuming very soon is. Valerie Valerie has been keeping myself busy, not only just trying to follow the scene, but just trying to rank up as well because I I feel like to this day even though I've been in the scene for such a long time for sports, you still have to prove yourself to the community so I don't want people to go like, oh should caster kick w what a bad castor you know so I I need to bring myself up to the diamond platform at least and then hopefully immortal at some point. It's cool that you mentioned that I wanNA actually touch on that for a second say. been casting for a long time right? Not since what two thousand and three? Thousand two, thousand and three. It was my first ever event I started really dippy my toes into it in two thousand and two with quake three urban terror. So we're we're going way back at that point you know. So we tim and I both played quake three. Urban terrorists. Okay. Okay. What what is urban terror I in another interview you? Yes. So it could actually it was the the MoD for quake three actually helped me transition over to counteracting duty one when those came out because urban terror was kind of like. A similar version of action quake with you guys played quake. quake. But if not, you could compare counterstrike with with some bunny hopping, including stamina and sliding. So it was a lot of. You had to buy weapons. So they were they were actually Actually, had to choose weapons instead of buying. So you're allowed to choose for example, let's say you go end for each one of them had little perks, and if you chose certain perks than it would nullify getting certain type of equipment, she could banish your teammates by budget holding caps lock, and then the the they're able to go off way but the damage internal organs shot in the leg or no body or head has that type of damage. So it has that type of hit. Boxes. So you really have to be good and in terms of aiming for the head to to make sure that you kill Vassar but the the same style is still very counterstrike he where it's like a five five or six six but you bunny hop across the map and plant bombs on onto different sites, and of course, the opponents have to defuse or you have just a regular team survivor. So it's just like within a timer, you have to kill everybody at a certain point. Survivor played coming from that arena shooter world. ANY INTERESTING DIABOLICAL I've been playing diabolical with like the first Beta came out I love it I'm I'm really not good at it. Actually I'm good with the I'm with the the what they call the rocket launcher I forgot what the they have different course but the one that's like the rail gun holy crap. I'm not good with a really be more like when I play to increase I was all about rails but now I just can't hit anything I. Think I got that boom that funny hit me but. The boomer foul yeah one hundred percent I still I still love watching fatality play I still love watching lex play and de can play as well and of course, they're screaming a lot and you see a couple of local tournaments or smaller tournaments with like a Dang and all them playing him to just to be able to see like PS PSB arena ps instead of being quick champions what they tried to do I'm just happy to see a different style or that style comeback with diabolical to what quarter cle the routes used to be for for quick. Do you think the arena shooter will ever come back in a big way. With diabolical I think it will to be honest like because when when you when you used to launch a for example painkiller or quake three, CPA, it was all about how fast people are moving around the map in how good they were in terms of aiming but also predicting where your opponents going to be because you have to control the rail, you had to control the Rock and you have to control the items. There's so much mental timing that goes into playing a repeat that people don't really understand the the whole concept around good you have to be to be top. Notch in arena ps but as a simple spectator, it's so much easier to follow. Because now you know it's a one vs one. You know who you're following your when you're looking at the screen and you know basically the concept of He needs to pick up weapons he needs to the other guy you look at the HP, you look Winter GonNa, pick up armor, and then you know that there's going to be like the whole time or kind of thing what I like about diabolical in the dual into dual range in what the ad is the i? Think it's called Golden Kill or The last kill. Agar's should have something. You have to basically within a ten minute timer. If you're actually destroying the guy that tarmac goes down a little bit faster, and then once it gets to that timer, the wouldn't lead still has to do one more kill to secure the win. So there's still a chance for the second person to to make a comeback into the game and hopefully win a sudden death overtime or something, which is great because back then again, when looking quake three and you're looking at. Painkiller it's like if the guys by five enters two minutes, left users hiding for the rest of the map and he's just GonNa win by time. Even with quake champions just with this last quake con championship like the forget the guys who were in the finals like the guy was up by eight kills and it was like. Yeah. Exactly. It's super boring. So I think that adds a nice concept and a good little changed uranium ps where I think I think I could actually get pretty big I. Mean you have some big names that are still support and behind it like I said like Didi keys in there and and I'm a digi wheat lows playing it similar it from time to time and he has like it i. mean it's it's produced by good studios and two good has been very, very, very much involved with with sports in his in his days. and His career as well. So I think I think they have the right people to try to push into the next level.

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