The Anti-Cruelty Society Reporting Uptick In Pets Being Given Up Due To The Pandemic


The anti cruelty society is reporting mohr pet owners in the Chicago area being forced to give up their animals do to the pandemic. Now the society is doing what it can to help some of the people keep their pets and keep those animals out of Charlie and dug in. The society's chief operating officer, says about 40% of the animals that are being brought to a shelter by owners are being given up because of some reason related to the pandemic, such as job loss. We're seeing a lot more reasons for surrender, like Are moving and they can't keep the can't afford care any more for the animal. The all of these surrender reasons that for us their point to being very pandemic related, Duggan says she's concerned that if infection rates remain high, the number of people who are forced to give up their pets could rise significantly, she says. That would put a severe strain on animal shelters, which might not have the capacity to care for all of those pets, Duggan says. That's why the anti cruelty society is providing financial support to some pet owners, as well as operating pop up pet food pantries around the area to help more of Those owners keep their pets during the pandemic, Jim goodness, NewsRadio, 105.9 FM

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