Democrats, Health Insurance, and the Green New Deal - burst 08


To talk about you know, where's the middleman America is today in this election? Okay, if you and me and everybody out there on the streets, it's all the people that sat there and they're trying to make a living in cramped and Gordon. You're right. I was I was desperate in my plate of those Americans the other week about who do we trust? I don't know. I don't understand how we can play political monkey with the lives of and and people that are on the market in the market. It's like I said, I just got done with an event for Over there Wellington theater and everything because if he doesn't get things turned around within the next month his theaters going down. And that's that's the biggest thing about right now is that we are in a desperate desperate need of somebody who can run this country. Well, I don't know. Of the of what we have to look at Trump is the best to run the country. He's a business man. He's a business owner. He's run businesses for years when we start it's like running a family. It's like being a father and a family where we start running our families base strictly off of emotion. Then we start being reactionary instead of pro

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