Milt Shirleson shares his Navajo experience

The Storyteller


My name is Milton Shirl Susan. And I'm from Tallahassee and my plan is A. SICARDI. Shegal. Senate Bill Pushes Gene August she does she Changed cavendish another. Without an inch. Two hundred. Yards. Lee. As my early remember one back. Grew up in. Church route. And that the standing rock when nudges located? A see these people walking around on my. Father's side of family. Lira. Found out that they were lot of alcohol. Substance, abuse their family. went on mom try to find a place where that She could raise two boys. Myself and my little baby brother. She didn't have very much. So we travel a lot dismissed community. One day that you know that we just couldn't find. Mom couldn't find. A, city job stability. She took us back to GRANDPA that he remarried. In a way you have a family over by Triska scream out by the. Way Back over there. And the parents of the minute, step? Grandma guess. There were there they have lifestyle. And that the from day one begin to hurt sheet. and. They kind of adopted me as a grandson. Of course, just a kid just came on scene and. To Care Life Stop Sheep and goats. They're on, went to a boarding school. Then after boarding school was out. To. Elementary. Down to up to a high school. which. I. Went Down to Phoenix the first time I went to a big city. Lot of native Americans and a lot of different nationality or different tribes. There were going to school there. Were finished high school. From there that I went to a special training done Dallas Texas. From their. Energy. Military service spent several years there. Then, it came back and. I was already begun to use alcohol quite a bit. Anton went on new just increase and later on. A came to the level. Rodeo. and not necessarily as a was sober mind minded with a lot of my friends and drinking pardons. And Smith Show years in there. I'm a lot of friends. Alone. They're lying on those years I met my wife. As I've been raised in a very traditional family to teachings grown to be medicine man, and also later on the new moon was Yoda. American church hours or Dane and that movement. My wife was pretty much on the other side of it where traditional ways. Yes. But the same way to that was raised by her immediate family in the sense in our sisters was mom and dad was pretty much using a lot of substance abuse. So she kind of was raised in a very independent. She didn't. She doesn't really know about the traditional ways of teaching, but I was groomed pretty much into that. So when he came together. Through a dangerous Rodeo this how That we came together. But we got to know each other and she stuck around. I. Soda Job Medifast I would say that was given the job. A job that with a big corporation IBM. Then spent twenty years with the company. But one thing that I want to stress his about my mom, my relationship with my father. When I was a kid that you know, Lilla one that Probably about four five years old. Every time when he comes home, he always comes home drunk. He always said my number one son. He would play with me. Always being rough with me to be a man. And always makes me cry. A remember that. Whenever he comes home and on close to home it. Oh, my aunties Manco used to hide me different hiding places. And by the time when I was about probably about four or five years old. My Dad chose alcohol over. Over my brother. Ni- he left us a never came back. All, these years growing up. Just kinda strange. As. I said, know went to a new family GRANDPA family and what to boarding school. And that the. Holidays. Kiss been picked fathers or their. Grandmother grandparents. And there was nobody. A see that water school for about nine months. Nobody will come pick me up. And that the grandparents raised me The very, very, very strict. There was hardly any love was mention. Saw Yearn for that. For that word that relationship never had that. And finally that I want to run away. With treated very harsh. When a runaway but to. I known anybody besides my mother there and that the this new family. So I was lucky prisoner, you might say this family here. For Years Pass. I find. Realize that you know they really know how to express. Love. Verbally in their actions. What of my life of unrealized. Love Me. BELIEVE THAT'S A. Beginnings since I was a kid that. Never. Felt that love. So one with with a body will come up to me son grandson. Really hold me. Never had that experience on Lonzo? There's all this. ANGER BUILD UP What's wrong with me am I Look. In like stupid innocence or not good looking or wherever it is nobody went close to me. Just thinking back on how many other native youth had go through this. Relationship Among the native brothers and sisters, my family's. been. Express. Openly. Son Daughter. Grandkids. We love you so much.

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