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Bo. When we're watching games, we sometimes forget to pay attention to the offense of Lineman, but you wrote about a play against the Ravens recently where Jordan my Lada really put himself into the center of the action. Can you take us through what happened on that play? It was sort of a typical zone read up the Eagles thirty yard. Carson wentz is in the shotgun and he has the decision as to whether to hand off the Mile Sanders or hold the ball and run himself. So that's what he does. wets keeps it on a read option he'll get out to the thirty five hour live Paul, loose ball, the ravens every covered it, and he fumbles the ball. The ball POPs out and a ravens defender picks it up the Safety Chuck Clark an se starts to run from out of nowhere comes Jordan, my Lana, this six, foot, eight, three, hundred, forty, five, pound guy probably even heavier than that, and it is as if he is. Taking over all of his training from his youth he just attacks Chuck Clark like launches into the air and in the same motion swings his left arm around and pinpoints punches the ball out, and it just shoots into the air and it ends up landing at a balance. So the Ravens keep the ball anyway but to see a left tackle do something. So athletic was definitely eye opening. Jordan. My Lada is a powerhouse in front of the microphone as well. where. Does MY PASSION FOR MUSIC COMING FROM? So he says it like everything else in his life I sort of comes from his family, a big family and Kiss. One Gill he ever cut new family I and everything that I am staying. Going I, get it from my family. So He is the child of two Simone immigrants they grew up. He was the fourth of five children in a suburb of Sydney called Bankstown and he says, you know everybody in Samoan Culture is talented in music in some way, and so he is very good on guitar. And it's true like he's got a really beautiful. You know he was never despite how big he would get. He was never sort of the biggest kid growing up but around great seven as he calls it, he starts just shooting up and it never stops and this was a very sports friendly family, but rugby league was their passion. So He's playing rugby league and all of a sudden you know it looks like he's sort of the Danny Monteverde of what's going on in Rugby League Heavy like this guy. Check his Team. Running jerk. Everybody's asking for his birth certificate like there's no way. This guy can be fourteen years old fifteen years old and this becomes the running joke. Every time he's playing with his team. We fast forward a couple of years. He's seventeen years old. He's on his rise as a rugby player. There's this scary moment one day at practice. Take us through what happened. He's playing four I guess what amounts to the youth team or the be level team the practice squad sort of for his local rugby league team in Bankstown and he collapses one day. And everybody's sort of just chalked it up to you know this guy's too big too unfit, and then a couple of weeks later it happens again and they sent him straight to the hospital and immediately you know the doctors are like we need to get you in for emergency surgery. There's an issue with his heart. And over the course of about a year and a half, he ends up having to separate heart surgeries where he has a hard abrasion and both the upper and lower chamber of his heart and at that point, the idea of even continuing to play sports he thought that that was probably over. Once the second surgery was over the doctors said, he was totally fine. He was ready to go. You know once he was recovered from that. So shortly thereafter, he gets back into playing rugby league and he's sort of on the rise. But at the same time, he has to work a part time job he's doing. Jobs. So he's starting to get a little bit frustrated and a agents toss out. The idea of would you be interested in trying different sport trying to play in the NFL his agents send his highlight video to the international pathway program for the NFL and the NFL has this program where every year about four to six or seven players from around the world are given the opportunity to work out for NFL teams and it up to La when they were. When I? I. Didn't know this for. A week in La, that's when I really like. Fine Tree and What I WANNA do the hurdle from there is he has to convince his family and his family is not about it at all and as Jordan describes it, in Samoan Culture what the elders say go. So it's basically the end of the conversation

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