I just want somebody to serve me.


In ceremony at the White House for a new Supreme Court Justice Amy Cockney Barret last night and this morning, locals there talking about it. They wouldn't even look at Merrick Garland can never be too conservative today, Sage. Peter Baker signs a bill that will send $1800 an extra jobless benefits. These air people who didn't initially qualify for the federal Lost Wages Assistance Program. Boston College canceling spring break already and delaying the start of the spring semester at a dinner time blast Text message last night, the people in two dozen cities and towns locally warning them that their communities at high risk for the spread of the virus. I'm Laurie Kirby. In the middle, but I could give a plug with chief to the North Attleboro. That'll probably effort place the chieftains go. So what would what's the thing you're going to get when you go? Do you know what you have a staple there? I don't care. I don't want somebody served me. That's the light of the day. Right there. Kristen. I just want somebody to serve me. I don't care what I'm getting. But I'll tell you that you're gonna bring it to me. Serve may now back to everybody's favorite middleman. BB Health and Human Services

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