Chronic Cellars Pink Pedals 2018 Review


Jay from cheap wine What's the third installment of our Halloween lines twenty-twenty series and this time we have thought we got here Lee grabbed the bottle and it is Chronic Cellars pink petals s a p e d a l s as in bicycle, and it is a Halloween line because off the label has a female skeleton nicely dressed or a bike rider. And running a pink bike with a basket in front and then the basket there is a skeleton dog not scary. But in the Halloween kind of Day of the Dead kind of thing going on their skeletons just white is not paid it but there we go and It's kind of funny because when I was looking to find wines for you know this series I found a red wine from Trader Joe's and a white wife and I think Chardonnay and now I found a rose a I picked wines with skeletons on it. So often that I didn't really leave a whole bunch for myself. I'm a reason why I pick that cuz my theory is that you actually can you know, like you can't choose a book by it's cover where you can choose a wine box label. Because a skeletal line is going to be a ripe Bowl juicy one, but adults, you know, it's for some reason it's it's aimed at certain likes they're one's a certain way like stir labels little off-kilter but wants an adult why we have here this is off. This is not a fluffy little light and Grizzly Rose a it's got its got some body to the palette. That's kind of a firm Sleek wine. The the other knows just feel subtle. But you know interesting it's got some flavors of them take a sip off. It's one of those wines that kind of grow on you as you as you drink it. You're at first you go. And then you kind of kind of get what's going on. There's there's green-apple. There's a cherry there is little creamy thing. Not sure where that's coming from dead leaves or whatever. It's got really good acidity. Let's the flavors unfold and plus it gets you reaching for your glass a little bit sooner than you normally would it off but it doesn't fight cuz sometimes you can get a little bit too much acid in these wines and this one doesn't have that. So what's up pretty nice little little wage. I mean, it's I think I found it for twelve. These are wines that are sold at Whole Foods. You find them a lot in supermarkets. You can find them in look wine shop, too. But they were the sons of the man who ran Peachy Canyon wines broke off on their own and started the just labeled back in the lake Palm two thousand and what happens when you get a hot one happens all the time. Is that the demand gross the point where you have to make more and more wine and to do that you need more money. So it means you have to go in debt to do that. And when you got a hot one, there's always someone there to watch throw a bunch of money at the label. You've already brought, you know up to where people are looking for and liking it. So it's like a choice do I go into debt off or do I take their money that I can think of a whole and I'm not sure that that's what they did. It's the Beckett Brothers, you know, I don't know what their mindset was, but I've seen it time and time again that people you know, all these big-name line Brands. They're all owned by somebody who didn't start them and a lot of them cuz they just had it, you know is either going to debt or take a huge amount of money and when you have that as a as a proposition to you people take the money. Two brothers who made The Chronic Cellars and were the sons of Peachy Canyon are now running Peachy Canyon again. So if you like Chronic Cellars start looking for a future Canon and this is a pretty decent wage even when it's not Halloween. This is a year-round Rose a it's got somebody it's 88% Syrah 12% red eyes. It's kind of a rhone-style the French know what they're doing with rozay and this kind of fouls that's from Paso Robles r a v a hundred percent from Paso Robles contracted thousands of Chronic Cellars doesn't have their own Vineyards, but that's okay. And that's it.

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