Where do the Cowboys go from here? To the trade deadline — but as sellers instead of buyers


The Cowboys easier to write about when they win or when they lose? Uh, they're easy to write about what they lose. When they win. People feel good. You sell more newspapers when they win. That's a proven thing. So there's that. But, man what you know now, sometimes when they're bad, they're just not interested. And they just kind of go away. Like I don't know what it's like to right about when the Detroit Lions are bad. They probably just people are waiting for the Red Wings to drop the puck. But when the Cowboys are bad, there's usually nine different things in Iraq, And this year there, there might be that might be multiplied. So there's you can just pick out of a hat. And and and go from there. What is Jerry? June Jones do now? You know, one of the really disappointments with serious disappointments, obviously of code. But one of the rial lighter disappointments of this year is that he doesn't do press conferences after every game, because I can't imagine. What level he would have reached yesterday. Um, you know, it's Tze one thing to get beat up by Seattle or airy Arizona's offense. They can't stop the run. With anybody, not the Washington football team. They run for over 200 yards. And if you want to pick one area of the Cowboys that does not beat up my injuries. Their front seven They've got Jalen Smith. They got banned arrest. They've got the Marcus Lords they've got. They've got elegance. They got Everson Griffen. They got Tyrone Crawford. They got guys were supposed to be there, and they can't tackle anybody. And then you have the hit on Andy Dalton and that nobody seems to concern about the chief shot by Jon Bostic. That wasn't it took the announcers of minutes to kind of recognize, but they did eventually, So okay, that's that's a brutal Yep. Be Amari Cooper is standing there and there's others around there had to be a number of players see it. I would think the entire offensive line and to see it. On nothing. Nothing at all. I mean, I can't imagine. If that was Dad getting hit like that that they wouldn't have done something but that that just pointed to the the give up factor of this team they looked like in the first quarter. They're out there to see when it's going to go badly, and you know how much it's going to feel like a ground hog day. They got nothing on either side of the ball, but quitting is worse than losing to him. Yeah. And of course, coaches will always and players will fight. You didn't quit. Everybody has a great attitude by when you see something like that, and when you see it That And when you see a team that just gets gassed in the run and announcers every week, whether it's the money, night crew or yesterday was was Moose. Ah lot of destroyed job back and they get very quickly. The out of position on these place. They really get outflanked quickly without defense. I mean, they're they're talking around the fact that team looks very poorly prepared and has no idea what to do in the players. Never respond if Jerry had to do over coaching. Well, I mean, that's what What was it about Mike McCarthy flying in and spending one night at the Jones house and all they were just so wowed by this guy. They couldn't believe it. Now, what have you seen in any game that he brings? You didn't call the plays so anytime the offense was playing well earlier in the year, That's Kellen Moore is offense. So what is he doing over there that he brings Emily brought in all these coaches? Guys he had in Green Bay 10 years ago. Mike Nolan, who hired him 20 years ago. It's just this. This cronyism tied coaching staff. And you wonder, and you wonder how much Jerry thought about like a mat rule. He mentioned Matt Rule one time last December, just after Baylor played in the Big 12 championship game. What a great young coach to thought. Matt Rhule wass. And you're Matt Rhule took over a team that was just God awful and got ready Cam Newton, and they released whatever they are three and four. They compete. Uh, yeah. I mean, I don't know. I don't know that he wouldn't like to rethink this lot. Now it's the first year so I think both the pandemic the DAC injury, the offensive line being completely wiped out. Those going allow the coaches to skate for year. But he has to be thinking this. This may have been a Terrible higher. The Cowboys buyers or sellers at the trade deadline. You know, I don't think they have a lot to sell. I heard somebody saying trade one of their wide receivers. They don't need that many hundreds of it. That's the one thing they have is good wide receivers. You want to trade one of those go You know, Draft Ah, linebacker with a neck injury. That's what that's what excites you about rebuilding the team. I don't think they will do much. There's certainly not Myers, they get by. I mean, I don't know why in the world you would add. Do it to a terrible collection of talent as this many injuries, but I don't expect him to do a lot, actually.

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