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Against what's going on out there in the markets will clinch OUGHTA. Pullback yesterday. Unsuccessfully. Really. Look. Like I say H die that we can solve it and there's five days now one, two, three, four, five minutes I can solve I mean we have really gone anyway you know we sort of bubbling around in a bit of Ryan. So, what are the main to me was I should say We'll aged either we bubble. The moving criminal a little closer back to where process currently now you know. I looked at try pullbacks. Pullback. We saw I saw as consolidation that occurred back fall looks pretty much from the twelfth of October to the seventeenth of October just Assad Roy. Zippy zippy's easy ZAP. And and then we saw that little bullish candle now that bullish was on the seventeenth of two. and. What we say from, there's a just a really great run. You know it's just a bloody good move simple as that. That's it a really, really really strong move. Sorry From here. What are we were? Options will as we consoled Loa well, it doesn't look at this moment. Look things can change very very quickly bitcoin strong right now let's not forget it. You know the clothes that we had yesterday. Is the highest close that we have ever had on the x shot, but we haven't closed that high. Let me tell you the last time we close at home that that close. Thirteen, six, full five. That's the the loss close that we had high was the eighth of January two, thousand and tank. That's a long time ago. You know that's that's a long time ago. So. It's it is looking incredibly bullish and we could certainly say bitcoin just tackle and just say you know what? Thank you mother for the rabbit shot the guys hold Shot the guy the horses bolted and off we go on I, rip. Of A? So, these are the realities of our marketing aged. As we consolidate, we get closer to having an opportunity where we look to be too overboard. And then. We can. Off Again. Tell you the truth. I love a little pullback really would. Pay The guy. Nor what what Bitcoin Golf Forever said why? But I wanted to get up with simplicity why because I tried? The a trade for living radio. So what I want I, want to pull back because pullback software paternity PULCHRA breakout. It'd be fine. The three strategies designed around pullbacks or breakouts. That's it. Boom Shaka Laka Saunders. Whitening say what does on? Basically. I didn't come in on the fifteen but tell you what? He a little bit sleigh for the time being. So what happened yesterday was we did move down. We moved down to a low all who are twelve, thousand, seven, hundred, seventy, six, hundred, close at thirteen, thousand, sixteen army closed above the thousand wants gang. With currently ops fraught now half percent the one to thirteen, thousand, one, hundred and twenty dollars and I'm just keeping an all out a pull back into that twelve pullback level. You starting to increase you know back in that cradles on the top of the crowd was on, which is a ten is now twelve, six, five nights a pretty close. Keeps creeping up as the market continues to console that bitcoin is looking of super duper bullish. What else have we got on the odds right now theory and pulled back to that four hundred get a in their took a tried yesterday. Da. On the sixteen hour. Said I wasn't gonNA try brought my rule pretty dirty I'm a cellphone that but high. Go to just go to shopping up. About decision I wasn't feeling good. That's why site when you're not feeling good, you shouldn't be trying I did the wrong thing and I pay the price of intimate down on that down myself but just down that I might have. I. Mike Errors I am. So. This wall doesn't make it. Any easier doesn't get any better way artist therion brought now's rod licking cradles. Any trades there on the day. But tell you what if we can push out from here? It's going to be such a beautiful Trenton thinking they'll be lots of good opportunities yesterday down three point five percent now currently at three, hundred, ninety, four, Dole seventy, seven off hop a half of a percent right now law on excel paste over the correct that twenty six, mock yesterday we were down two percent we counted twenty four point nine cents I just below twenty, five Dan points to the rave of. BITCOIN cash did reject the two seven, five resistance. So he bounced off to I three, thirty five, the lower end of that channel had talked. I don't try channels, but it's a very simple horizontal plight, very simple horizontal level that I look at to help me. Rebounds Twenty Three Thirty Five, and we raised up to two, hundred, seventy, five, sixty, five, which was the brand of that resistance that will now back in a to sixty point three, five, Selah full point. Three seven percent yesterday. So we are still in a very nonstop translate what bitcoin up trying to see our even exile pay it's not trend, but it's pretty crafty bitcoin cash beautiful uptrend onto lot coin next, which is also in love looking up trying to pull back three point four, five percent. Yes, I currently. It's at one point three, one point one, percent, fifty, seven dollars fifty. The wake he's only starting to look a little bit better. The daily the daily does look good or going to be honest. It does look pretty Nice right now, the fifth diamond aloe basically can be touching those lower timeframes just yet fitting seven, forty, six percent. They vate look it's pretty average rotten a popped up through that one, hundred, eighty, two mock and the NFL strike back through yesterday closing down. Three point nine percent. He's up point to today's one hundred seventy four dollars sixty two days really clear out through the LAS Haw, which was yesterday's Hot out outer ninety five, dollar sixty, one Bayton perform really willing to get to involve

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