MEET THE CANDIDATE: Mike Espy (US Senate Candidate MS)


Senate the steady. Right, people. Free Sixty God and everything. I'm doing well, thanks wonderful. I missed you at the top I. Think there was still coming back in. So I, think we have asked to see you how are you? How's the state of the rain road? Obstinate race. Here. Now about a week we evolve. Just want to talk about pulling alone. We're doing very well. We started out with nine points down. February then we worked so hard. Cape now Dubai Ports Down August, at about three weeks ago with one point out. Donald Save you now I've seen Maurice of polling. It's even better. All right. So so if they're really really that about it and that's just goes. Ab Message is resonating. Mississippi. Is Last. Still. Six years old it was last I was born. To last last in Healthcare Lancet education last dollar job opportunities lasted income Lance Lance last. People just. They just tired of it and you're Mississippi we've got all black voters per capita than any state in the nation. So we started with a really good basis of support. 'cause I get ninety nine of that boat is just matters how much KC val they don't quite boat Mississippi sixty forty white black state. And nineteen months ago when we ran, we got forty seven percent of the vote even though we'll had six months run. So I knew we could do better we had more time. So now we are doing better We're GONNA get the black vote out. And I got eighteen percent of the white vote nights months ago we only have to get four percents twenty two, we believe win even it a presidential side so I think do favorite whale. you know. Things are changing the confederate flag come down. And I'm going to show you yours. You know we got this. This leg. In It replaces the veteran flag with that with that veteran Emma. And this is. A big. hunk thanks people people want to stay with a better image stay inclusive moat welcoming. Town all this bad image we have, and I believe that because of that Nicholson. Image Makeover Admit some of them saying that's an African American man to said, that would be me. Wow so the the question I have for you is One of the equal that I believe. I just almost have a spiritual connection to Fannie Lou Hammer your arm, who of course hails from your great state is there something that you can tell this audience about the importance of not only building on her legacy to fight for the right to vote but I believe that you know she didn't fight for us to have that access mike she fought for us to ensure that we finally leaned into an embrace our political power. What does it look like to you to embrace our political power? He added this year are lower twenty twenty. Well. Like you I. Hope they connect visible democratic. Party. She knew you know she knew at ninety six four she couldn't win. But just because Americans were reticent to register the vote should be that that Lodestar you know that God lights to give them courage the rest of the boat and she was aboard she was fired from a job the plantation. She still ran for Congress against who? Followed her as one one and ninety six that would be my guest I lack. Congressman. Every lexical Mitsu construction. Work that with the Black Caucus you know

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