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By unbound dot or gaity from Roseville. Nine minutes to the cap City's split nine more in the cab, and you're down. Count 13 minutes Informal grove on either five or 99, but on 99 south of that north outside on the bridge over the assume this river At an accident with six vehicles involved. Traffic is backed up beyond Twin Cities Road on the North bound sides at that side is backed up all the way to Elk Grove Boulevard. Ifyou're on highway 50 westbound, no delays getting into downtown 18 minutes, does it 16 If you come in from Woodland on I five are ready. 20 coming in from Woodland on I 5 16 if coming in from Davis, he's been 80 across the causeway westbound side, though it's where we have some slowing just before child's road. An accident in the center divide and the left length, causing a bit of a slowdown about half way across the causeway about halfway to a West Capitol. Right now, they're young people across the world facing a tough choice, continue their dream of education or drop out to help their family put food on the table. You could help change their future in a single moment. See how far your support can gohan unbound dot org's traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk. Sunshine and gusty winds. Today we are still under a red flag warning through today and tomorrow. Now the strongest winds will likely be with us

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