The 2020 Election, a Discussion with Democratic Strategist Mustafa Tameez


Hey everyone. This is diffuse congruence the American Muslim experience episode one, hundred, four I'm sorry and as always I'm joined by my co host Hey. Welcome back listeners I know we've been Nakanishi episodes out without much lapse, which is great on. But we wanted to have a very special show. I know we've talked a lot in the past about the election we've talked about Covid, but this is sort of the the the sort of ruminations of men Omer, who by no means experts, but this time. We are joined by a very special guest who is an expert in this field and so he is a political consultant and so omer. Why don't you tell us who we have on the show and we're super excited to welcome our guest to shout absolutely and we are T. minus twelve days from the election and honored to have most of the knees on the show. Is Outreach strategic founder and president you began his career New York using corporate clients. But after moving to Texas, he shifted to advising successful campaigns for state legislators, mayors, members of Congress in public institutions. The is a national opinion leader with over six hundred appearances on CNN and Fox News Msnbc and CBS. News. The Atlantic names as a top democratic consultant in Texas and Texas monthly person as one of the top Democrats to watch most of is the chairman of the Transportation Advocacy Group board a director of the Texas Lithium a member of the Unity National Bank board among other civic and business affiliations. He's also provide extensive consulting for the Department of Homeland Security End must've wasn't the show you'll have to educate me on the pronunciation of lithium. Texas likes you. Okay. Got It. So, welcome A. Twelve days away from the election. There's a there's a debate tonight you must be very busy. Yeah it's you know almost fifty million Americans have already voted. and as you approach selection day, you know by the time we reach election almost seventy five percent of voters have already bought it. So it election is a season more than his day and this this particular election cycle people are really taking advantage of it across the country we've seen record turnouts and so yes, all of us are are enthralled with it in our busy with an it's an exciting time. To be a voter and as a Democrat is in. I. That's the that's that's the understanding I have of your background in your take. Early voting is a good thing. Correct. Voting a whole is a good thing. I mean, I think fat I, mean Tetris. We became a majority minority state in two thousand, four, sixteen years ago But the the the representation whether it's in Congress with the State House or. At a state level is that reflective of the state's population and that's because Texas not a republican state or democratic state for years Texas has been a nonvoting sick. And as voter participation goes up. In the cycle, you're gonNA start seeing the faces and the backgrounds of those that we lack mirror more of the population of Texas and as as we see that across the country. Yeah. One of the things that we. I know at least a couple of weeks ago was kind of a new story was the governor Abbot kind of restricting where people could I think drop off mail in ballots rate I think it was sort of like Harris County, had the same number as any smaller county in West Texas somewhere. So has that has that improved any he he has made that decision in because of it. It again, it's it's an attempt to create. Chaos is an attempt to make it harder for people to vote. Right. Now the just like while we're on. The Texas Supreme Court just ruled that we can have drive thru voting in Harris County. This was a a contention and and literally just as I was getting on the court just ruled which is really important that if you make voting easier for people if you give people multiple options to vote. UC's turnout go up in this what we've seen in Harris. County. Turnouts going up everywhere around the country including Texas. But especially in Harris County because we Harris County has become a democratic counties of the last election cycle and because of that the leadership that's there. Wants to be inclusive wants to hear the voices of people that live in this county. And made many things easier including having drive thru voting like if you can drive through and do a banking transaction if you can drive through and an order the the best fast food. which we have in Texas because we are. Right. We should be able to vote. And I think that that's important. You know the this cycle I wanNA thank cove nineteen. People were given a task for covert ninety blood tests while they were in their cars. So we can do all of that white. Canton.

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