UN: Nuclear weapons ban treaty to enter into force


To ban nuclear weapons now has enough signatures to go into effect. Teri Schultz reports. The agreement is opposed by the U. S and other nuclear powers. The U. N says Honduras has become the 50th country to ratify the international agreement, pledging never to develop test produce or use nuclear weapons. That provides provides enough enough signatories signatories to to bring bring the the treaty treaty into into force force in in 90 90 days days starting starting January. January. 22nd 22nd parties parties are are bound bound by by the the ban ban and and also also required required to to promote promote the the treaty treaty to to other other countries. countries. The Associated Press reports. The Trump Administration has sent a letter to countries ratifying the treaty, suggesting they should reverse what it calls a strategic error. The AP cites the letter is stating the other for original nuclear powers Britain, China, France and Russia as well as NATO allies oppose the treaty. No NATO government has joined the ban. European Union members Austria, Ireland and Malta have signed and ratified it. For NPR News. I'm

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