60 60. We continue to talk about the hunter Biden


60. We continue to talk about the hunter Biden scandals, saga conspiracy, Whatever you want to call it. I don't want to throw into the mix, though briefly. You know, everybody's been watching on Twitter. Now, Trump has been releasing excerpts from the 60 Minutes less than stall interview. Uh, there's a good clip if you haven't seen it yet. Lightning, she says, Can you characterize your supporters and he says, Yeah. People who love this country and don't want to see their stores looted. Like, Wow, That's that's pretty. He then goes on and on, but that's all you needed to say. Like right there. That's it. That's true. And that's a pretty good one. And he ought to use that tonight. He's holding his. He does have a glass of water, though, and he's holding it weirdly. I must say, I don't know It's a weird thing. But anyway, he's that. That's one of the clips. 60 Minutes, has released a little teaser clip of Biden because he's got an interview on 60 minutes this week as well. It's with Norah O'Donnell. And this is Nora O'Donnell, asking him about court packing. Biden has changed just to win a little bit, but listen to what he says. The Biden Norah O'Donnell court back in Clinton. If elected. What I will do is I put together a National Commission of Bipartisan Commission of Scholars, Constitution. Scholars. Democrats, Republicans, liberal conservative And I will ask them do over. 180 days come back to me with recommendations as to how Tio reform the court system because it's getting out of whack the away, which is being handled. And this isn't a court packing. Personal. It's not about court packing. So still, he's not telling you his personal views on court packing. How a guy that's been in the TC Swamp for over 40 years doesn't have an opinion or reason willing to share his opinion of court. Packing is absurd. But whatever Let me ask you lightning. Let's say Joe Biden winds November 3rd November 8th Whenever the thing is declared on Joe Biden's the president, he's then going to appoint this independent commission of liberals. Conservatives. I have to study the issue.

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