Stock market news today: Dow, S&P waver on stimulus holdup, earnings


Most stocks rose after the Trump administration resuscitated hopes for a spending package. Treasuries remained higher. 10 Year Yield 100.83% on this Friday the S and P up 12 closing at 34 65. That was a gain of 650.35%. Today, The Dow tumbled 27 points lower by 1/10 of 1% at the worst level but now have been down. 213 dropped their of 7/10 of 1% NASDAQ up 42 for the NASDAQ composite index. That was a game Just about 4/10 of 1% on the week as MP had a weekly loss of about 10.55% Bob Doll is chief equity strategist of Nuveen. He was our guest moments ago, right here on Bloomberg BusinessWeek. So the market is saying, and I think they're a lot of fundamentals to suggest. The largesse of policymakers, monetary and fiscal all around the world are going to provide us with some grist for the mill. If he will, economy is going to be okay now that's dependent on covert behaving itself with some point And eventually a vaccine. Intel after earnings dropped 10.6% today until slumped after a surprise drop in data center. Sales of tepid forecast added to concern that the company is losing its lead in computer chips. American Express is constituting program fell short in the third quarter. American Express shares shares today today down down by by 3.6%. 3.6%. Mattel Mattel rallied rallied after after third third quarter quarter results results shattered shattered expectations expectations Motel Motel up up today today by by 9.6% 9.6% rival rival Hasbro Hasbro Up Up by by 2.4%. 2.4%. So So again, again, recapping recapping turned turned out out to to be be a a mixed mixed day. day. The The down down lower lower SNP SNP NASDAQ NASDAQ Quoth Quoth Higher Higher Gold Gold Little Little Change Change Down Down 72 since the ounce at 1903, West Texas, Intermediate Crew down 2.2% re capping SNP up 12 gain of 4/10 of 1%.

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