Strangers with Candy - 161


Welcome friends to the how to heretic I'm mark and. Dan and I'm uncle duck and this is your user's guide to life on the outside. howdy leaving religion is the first step into a larger better world. However, it can also be a scary whoo things work differently now fear that's why we are here. We are you on calls and with help from good friends experts in all sorts of fields we're going to share the stories in seek the knowledge to build on the rate light after all only get the one that we know of you better make the most. Happy. Happy. Almost Halloween their uncles. ooh ooh. Yes. Spooky the time of year when children used to go out and get candy before. Before we were before permanent knee. Before the before time. So yes fun show today I'm actually going to reference Halloween and I'm going to talk about a another bullshit American myth that is trying to ruin all our fun. Yeah and I too will be a little femi on the Halloween thing and talk about the person that you are picturing every time someone says which, yeah, the Proto Pro Alphabet Yeah Yeah and then I'm going to bring it home by completely ruining the theme and talking about leading a discussion on the possibility of atheists in our government that represent us and what we can do about it maybe, and also what the word Positi means. It doesn't mean anything just with my word of the day calendar and so there you go. It's GonNa be a fun show. So let's just jump in. Hey uncle. Doug Ho. You know it is a spooky time of year IT IS A. It's a there's fun for all for everyone. Do you mean election season? That's less fun. But. It's still like tremendously spooky metric cheat think that's called. Maybe the spookiest of all of the citizen it's a spooky time of spooky year you know in a spooky age on A. Planet Yeah but I. Think there are some problems that we don't have to worry about quite as much as perhaps we worried about in the past uncle mark everything. Yeah. Good News on the horizon. Yeah, we'll get there. We you know you guys were mentioning. It is spooky season is some people say the heart of October? That's the word on the street, the talk around the water cooler the buzz as they say. But quick before we get into honest question what do you guys think about Halloween? I live never loved it. We have differing opinions Okay Oh oh we're GONNA have to we're GONNA. Have to separate. Ourselves. You've never liked it at all doug. From Childen No. I've Read Candy the Free Candy was nice but it's like. It wasn't like you know as as kind of. Modest is my family was it wasn't like I couldn't afford candy other times of year. And Love, the costume thing was always just a big drag for me and I'm bummer. What can I say? But you like it then. I've always I've always enjoyed it. I I like.

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