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Hey everyone. It is Kim Kardashian West fortieth birthday. We're kicking off the party right here right now on daily Pop Justin is out today's Morgan and I are joined by Kisha Knight Polio he's an actress kick ass mom and of course you know her from house of pain and as Rudy from the cosby show Kisha we're so happy you're joining us. Thank you so much for having me. We have so much to get to today we're going to be celebrating throughout the entire show you're going to hear from Kim's famous family. We're GONNA read breaking down Kim's most shocking moments and we cannot talk about him without talking about fashion. They go hand in hand the celebration is going on all day here on e- with the keeping up with the Kardashians marathon and Kim's fortieth birthday special that airs tonight at ten PM. The first Kim has always been an open book and she's made plenty of surprising confessions along the way watch this. You should just be who you are say what you want entrepreneur makeup mogul wife's mother and all around boss I'm going to do whatever I want Kim K. West confessed. There isn't anything she's afraid to do and her mind she has done it all and her crazy confessions don't stop there I. Love it during a livestream. Qna Kim admitted problem member of the Mile High Club she wants had sex in a public movie theater she goes commando almost all of the time wave TMI and she's still owns though seventy five, thousand dollar diamond earrings made her totally lose it. We Know Kim has been working on getting her law degree, but it sounds like she's mixing a little business with pleasure in a new questionnaire for e she revealed she likes a shot of Tequila with a cheeser when she said he's life with about being happy and when she's not hitting the books, she's heading gym her morning ritual includes a five fifty am start time to work sweat. Obviously, all that hard work has done a body. Good. It's not easy at all, but it's not all work and no play her favorite thing to do during her downtime. Text people with lots of glitter sparkle emojis. You could probably guess who he's in contact with most family I no matter what Kimmy also confessed she likes to treat yourself to a little. TV. But the mom of four go to guilty pleasures aren't exactly what you'd expect. I need your help help MTV's catfish is at the top of our list or she likes to unwind with some hoarders on a any. Other crazy Kim Confessions. Everything is always so public. She claims her hidden talent is smelling cavities and there's one celebrity whose beauty left her starstruck. No need to share Kim loves you. She's proved over and over and over again it's just a vibe and the confessions don't stop there. Kim told people she has models drowned her clothes so she can plan outfits in advance and she's spray tans her scalp. So her middle part has that extra glow. Oh that's a good ted. Have, for years, wargin timoth favorite Kim moment all my God. This is the hardest question I've been asked all year producers brought this up yesterday I'm like, how am I going choose but I think it has to be and I know Chris over this but it has to be when she's taking fees when chloe is on the way to jail like that's just know psychotic Kim to me it is it never gets old it so delusional and it's just amazing and why we fell in love with her in the first place it's the best it's that's definitely one of my top wants Kisha what am I okay I'm I'm going to go on the other end of the spectrum you know Kim. been doing things for a long time but you know I have to say it's all of the work that she's been doing to get convicted. Felons out of prison. The fact that she's taking a completely different turn and really helped us her platform to to affect people's lives in a positive way. One hundred percent. That's that's a really huge one and I'm going to it back to something a lot more superficial. I got. My favorite moment is when we just saw in that lovely package, Kim crying over her diamond earrings because honestly girls I relate if I had seventy thousand dollars, diamond earrings and I lost one that's probably exactly how I would react I've had mad but got ensure your jewels have to China and. Ensure those goals. All right. Well, caves fashion has changed so much over the years. So we're going to go deep into the archives. Take a look at Kim style evolution Ooh can really I am be our L. Y. Kardashian. K.. A. R. D. A. S. H. I. A.. Look. Very nice where do you win? Gucci and Jimmy, Choo Shoes and Louis. Vitton back to mix it up a little bit him style started out young and fun experimenting with Different Designers Have Wearing A. Skirt and a La Perla top a wonderful. Share. That'd be the not shoes I want to find something that is young and fun and fresh but still you know how classy and conservative this is my. She transformed into a sophisticated ladies setting the trends that posing Christian Louis, Vuitton he also, I'm wearing Eliah and Lorraine Schwartz I weren't accustomed gown I'm wearing our Kardashian collection leggings put this big waistband. To do we have favor Lon Max Mara when she became apparent this hot mama put her curves front and center. This is John Paul Go. Ta and I love her sparkly. It was it is. And you know I love it I just wanted to really go for it and be kind of like a robot a Blinky Sexy Robot I'm wearing address from revolve. Long Sleeve and it's hot out here. But whatever looks good. It was distressed by Rick Win. All made this for me and I love it him. You'll trade who you wearing. Where we wearing this evening, I'm wearing Vivienne Westwood now. has become so economy or calling it the Kim effect. This

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