U.S. and Russia Appear to Edge Toward Extension of Nuclear Treaty


On Tuesday I don't know if you saw this been Russia proposed extending the new start treaty for one year new start for listeners is an arms control treaty that was negotiated by President Obama. Limits the number of deployed nuclear warheads for the US and Russia was a big important piece of business There was real concern that trump is going to let it lapse in the. So you know the devil's in the details on these kinds of trees they get very technical when you're talking about counting warheads and bombers and blah blah blah. But this extension, it seems like at least keeps us from plunging into another. Arms race. So that's a good thing. What's frustrating is that this this so-called breakthrough is that the treaty allows the US Russia to just extend the agreement for five years. So that's been on the table. This whole time both Biden Putin said that they would extended the trump White House has been demanding I think China, participate in the talks with new measures. Ben, would you make this one year extension and maybe the timing is well. Well Look I. Think this will be a theme as we get to a couple of the subjects on the agenda for today where they're just seemingly trying to like create the the appearance of foreign policy breakthroughs and successes right before the election. That's not what this is I mean it's an Obama accomplishment arms control treaty. There was meticulously negotiated over the first year the Obama, administration that what they're going to be up for a year when they could've yep yep for more like just so they can go out and like spike the football and claimed that they had some big win just like they did with that ceremony with rain in. The UA in Israel, the White House. That's what's going on here and really if you if you trace the substance of what the trump people themselves said, they said, they didn't want to disrupt new start because they wanted to bring China into it and both Russia and China said, well, screw you. We're not gonNA, do that. So that's not happening. So to me, yeah, it's better to keep new starting place extending for years not as good as what you could have just done automatically through the existing treaty, and this shows just they don't care even about nuclear weapons. They just care about like the appearance of some win before the election when. It's like a metaphor for everything with trump like the only success he's had his president is when he's continued things in Bama, did like you know the economy for the first couple of years and then spikes to football.

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