True Horror: Top 10 Haunted Crime Scenes

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Nine? At number nine, this week is leap castle and unloved. This one according to ancient legends leap. Castle is built on an ancient Druid holy site. While we don't know if the druids use the land for human sacrifice, we do know that once the castle was built, it did witness hundreds of murders I feel like that's just like what castles do. Any good castle worth its name has seen a February hundreds of murder. You can't be a castle you know it's a qualification. The best part of this place is that it's named after a literal leap off a nearby cliff by an ancient Irish chieftain. ooh Yeah. He jumped as a sign of bravery to win clan leadership from his brother. It was taken over by the bloody oh carols. I want to be friends with them because you definitely don't want to be their enemy. Yeah. You don't want to be an enemy of the bloody. Oh Carols No. Well, they were known for throwing Red Wedding ask dinner parties just straight up killing their guests the saddest episode of game affirmed. So to make sure that all is affecting me R I P rub stark I will not talk about that I will never be over it. Well, this was way back in the fifteen hundreds. So it is pretty game of thrones Ian. Yeah. So the Oh carols, this is one of my favorite things they built an uber yet a what an idiot. And what happened was victims would fall through a trap door into this yooglie yet in the remains of one hundred and fifty people were found during nineteen twenty s renovation. So I think we have like three major ghosts that we want to chat about really quick. Hit me up. One of the ghosts is called the red. Lady it's an Oak Carol hostage the murdered her baby. Oh, I don't want to be a part of them anymore. This is when I got off the Oh Carol Bandwagon. All right. Nine more I'm not in she's looking for her baby that was murdered. Oh I know and then we have thaddeus. So Carol, who is a priest killed by his brother in power grab anybody named Thaddeus as okay in my book, Thaddeus is a great name. The last one that I found was called the murdered lady was she murdered no. We think she was I wouldn't Wanna be called the murder lady. Later in life she shows up and she's naked has yeah. Has a red cloth over her face and she just screams at you and then leaves that would change you as a person I think like to which I say I leave I, leave the Milky Way, Galaxy. So if that happened to me, I would walk like five hundred miles and then I'd walk five hundred more. Yeah, I would be so far. Song that's terrifying to me. No. Thanks. So we don't love that will in the sixteen hundreds after all that crazy. Oh, Carol business it changed hands and went to Jonathan Darby who fell in love with an carol daughter. So now it was just all about love right. Romance. Well he's still haunts the castle right now people as looking for his lost golds but I think that's pretty party of him. The other reports of things happening are doorbells ring with no one their tools move around without being touched There's like sounds of furniture moving people screaming, and then a carpenter that was working on the property ones just left and he was like I'm never coming back to work because he walked five hundred miles

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