Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani Claims Hunter Biden's Laptop Has Photos Of Underage Girls


Mr. Mayor. Rudy Giuliani joins me now, Mr Mary, how you doing this morning? I'm doing Well, how are you? I'm great. I'm excited. Too weak from today. I think we're going to find out. Trump won Maybe even the night before that to be nice. You have made some news, sir. All these stories coming out now about 100 biting hard drive. Email. Democrats have never job. I never denied these. Amy. These e mails were fake. Never said they're fake blah, blah, blah. But you you made the amount you'd explain it that there are now and I don't get this wrong. Photos of underage girls. Maybe naked girls underage on Hunter Biden's hard drive and now an FBI agent that signed a subpoena to take the hard drive, actually, ah focuses and investigates crimes committed against Children. So this is a big deal. Explain what you have so far. Well, there's only a certain that I can explain properly. Ah! I was given the hard drive. By my attorney who got it from the man who was repairing it, and after a long period of time, opened it up, looked at it and basically found evidence. Criminality with regard to Ukraine and China. Basically, there are Very, very clear statements on there. That the money that Hunter Biden was collecting from Ukraine, China Russia. Kazakhstan, Romania. That he was sharing a Toledo had with his father. Even during the time his father was vice president. Which would take this from a conflict of interest case. You a straight out really, really serious bribery case. And those those 100 Biden's words. In a text. You a relative. Complaining about the half that he has to give his father Is also a document there. In which tent in which the Bidens the Biden family meeting, Hunter is on his uncle. Go into business with three major Chinese communist members of Chinese organized crime. Very dangerous people, one of whom is and killed subsequently executed. Uh, and it's a deal where they get $10 million a year. 50% of the profits for making introductions. And Hunter gets a million dollars up front from the Chinese Communist. They also set up the office together. However, when you find the secret document, which is in the in the hard drive, there's a secret document that includes an additional part. It isn't in the official papers. The additional partner gets 10%. Off the overall deal. Then, according to 100 texts, actually gets 50% of what everybody else gets. Oh, he's getting a big chunk. The additional partner is described as 10% for the big guy. I'm reading from the text right now. 10% for the big guy. So now you have to figure out who is the big guy. Go. Pages later, or two Text later. Hunter. Biden is asking for teas for the new office, the first key that he asked for the job, but The second key for Jill. Bye. So he's gonna be in this office of this partnership between the Biden family. In the Chinese communist government, the name of the businesses Hudson West or something. And And finally Now I've been to anonymous Forces What's called who were involved in this deal who have identified the big guy as Joe Biden. And one of them is on the verge of becoming public. I know who they are not at liberty to give you their names, but they have been made known to the FBI and have given statements to the FBI. So basically Basically Basically what you have. Is, um Clear evidence that Biden I was involved. In massive bribery. I think I think it's described this 30 30 years 30 years of bribery, described his people. In the text messages are incredible, breathtaking crimes. In addition to it, there's a photograph section 28 to 29,000 photos that many of them harmless. Some of which Pornographic. Some of which could be described as perverted. And then there was some That, in the words of Hunter Biden's words and the way he describes his activities. Reconstitute. Um, danger to Children. So it was submitted to the Delaware police. Buy me and former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik. Them to analyze and determine what what exactly is this? There are Pictures of young girls cannot describe exactly how they dressed. But In a way that would be a matter of concern. And there are texts. In which he admits that he's a danger to Children. And then their attacks that make allegations about him that he denies. Even though he admits he's a danger. The Children he denies having taken his clothes off in front of them. Or having face time. The nude. Psychiatrist or one of the young girls since that he did that.

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