Beauty Tips To Empower The Visually Impaired

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Fabulous guest and co-host is Chelsea win. She is a licensed cosmetologist an image consultant and she also is a very special kind of educator Chelsea Welcome to our show. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me Amber, sir, Thank you. To be honest today. It's a real honor to have you on because I'm going to let you explain the type of education that you provide. Well, thank you so much. Aside from being a cosmetology instructor where I work for a global company name Chi and I teach hair make I mean hair techniques and color techniques and Beauty School for students as well as for teachers and salon owners. I also teach non Visual and adaptive techniques for individuals who are blind wage. Julion pearre disabled on you know, makeup techniques grooming hygiene how to do their own Nails how to do their own hair so that they can prepare for job interviews and even more so more importantly it's about being independent self confident and always looking your best whether or not you can or cannot see yourself in the mirror. I have to say you be honest with everybody listening right now when I you know, a lot of the times I'll receive story pitches and ideas some of them come from you at home. And when this month when your name came across my desk, I was intrigued because admittedly, you know, I thought I don't know that many people who are visually impaired and you know, when I started this podcast, I really wanted this to be a place where people could come and get education and be empowered and and also be dead, Lightened about things that we might not know about whether it was products or procedures or or people in general and you know through talking to a learned that October which I feel like I'm not many people know his breast cancer breast cancer awareness month is is also visually impaired Awareness Month. Correct? Yes. It is the month where there is white cane safety day, which is nationally recognized day and it's about you know, recognizing individuals who are blind and visually impaired and really addressing their independence with by using the white cane which as you know is what they use to help with orientation and mobility and all the Independence that maybe a lot of people may not perceive that they have right so but yeah, it's a very empowering Day, I am so honored that you are here. I think that for again people listening. This is going to be inspiring and emotional when we started talking in our in our pre-owned chat. You've got some some such brilliant tips that whether you are visually impaired or fully sighted. I think that you are going to find incredibly useful and and I hope this podcast particularly gives you a little bit of inspiration and you know, and and that you leave it feeling a grateful for those of you who don't have to deal with visual impairment of how lucky we are. So I think you get into this field. How did you get into this specialty? It you know what I have to say. It was purely by accident. I really was very much like you and very much like most people in the world who may or may not most people haven't met a blind person in their lifetime. And so I was very unaware of the need even that this even existed that there were blind women who wanted to learn how to do their makeup nor did I even have the idea that that that was something that you know was a concern and so several years ago back in 2011. I started volunteering reading for the blind games on a radio show called sight into sound radio and I was volunteering, you know, just to read books read, you know magazines to to the song mind and then over that course a couple of months later. I went to an event that we were, you know, hosting or not hosting but there and I met a blind young lady. Here in Houston. She's also known as the MasterChef winner for 2012. Her name is Christine Hall. If you pull her up on the internet, you'll find all information about her. She is a blind woman here in Houston who won MasterChef 2012. Wow, and you know, she's like a celebrity in the blind community and I walked up to her cuz I was there on site into sounds behalf. And I said, hey, you know, I'm a hairstylist and a makeup artist. So if you ever need anything, I'll be more than happy to help you and just so you know get you ready for the cameras and get you ready on set and she said, you know Chelsea, there's so many makeup artist and and people like that that are usually on said that can do that for me home. But to be honest since I lost my vision I haven't been able to do my makeup for myself anymore. And I said, oh really and she said, yeah and I said, well she's like, so do you think you can teach How to put on my own makeup and I said, why don't know I've never taught a blind person to put on their own makeup before, you know, I teach you know, young ladies and their mom and later, you know women that come in at my school and all the time who have Vision, but I said, you know what? I don't know but let me give it a try and so so we set up an appointment in her kitchen. I came to house several times and cookies something good. Not yet. Okay. All right. All right. We got to get in there. She did open up a restaurant here in Houston called The Blind goat, so just woke up there, but she has her own restaurant and she she does cook but at that time, you know, we sat down in her kitchen and she she taught me what it is that a blind person needs. Like how to teach her I didn't even know how to teach her. So she was like, okay. Well, can you describe that a little bit better? Can you like what you know and then hear what does that bottle feel? Like, what does that feel? And so here I am in our kitchen learning how to teach a blind person with audio description. I didn't even know what the word meant at the time then it was how to give verbal instructions on how to describe color how to map your face with your fingers and feel like orientate or your body. Like where are my eyebrows where you know are my thoughts eyelids and things like that and then like using your hands as guides and using voice as you know instruction and so it was like and then learning how to identify the differences between this bottle versus that

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