Google delays return to office, announces plan to test 'flexible work week'

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In an email to the staff on sunday night sooner. Pichai chief executive of google's parent company alphabet said quote. We are testing a hypothesis. That a flexible work model will lead to greater productivity collaboration and wellbeing mr pichai wrote in an email obtained by the new york times quote. No company at our scale has ever created a fully hybrid workforce model though a few are starting to test it so it will be interesting to try and quote one thing. Not mentioned in mr pitches. Email is whether the company will require employees to take the coronavirus vaccine before returning to the office. Google has said it recommends that employees obtain the vaccine when their healthcare provider or local public. Health authority has told them it's available to them said genus gig. Liano a google spokeswoman who will have said it is looking for opportunities in mid to late twenty twenty one to help make covid nineteen vaccines available to its workers but only after high risk and high priority people globally have received the vaccines

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