A highlight from Calls grow for Insurrection Act, window of opportunity Dec. 18th 24th

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Update december fourteenth calls for a growing for the insurrection. Act a window of opportunity. December eighteenth through the twenty fourth increases for trump to invoke the insurrection actor coming from attorney. Joe from attorney lynnwood via the epoch. Times general mcintyre makanin mcenery Others sydney powell said the clear evidence for an interference allows trump to invoke his two thousand eighteen. It would be the insurrection act and sees all the assets of corporations individuals who were complicit and the election rigging and then this is general. Michael flynn of course calls for trump to invoke the two thousand eighteen executive order on foreign interference trump declares any swing state electoral votes cast. Today are kastner conditions of fraud. Pennsylvania chooses alternate put in the election in contention and to at least january six sources. Warn that the coming. Ten days lockdown with a window of likely action appearing december eighteenth through the twenty fourth. The next window is right after january. Six if all efforts fail the ep infiltration of big pharma big tech and legacy media election voting machines lawmakers regulators universities and more We're living under enemy occupation. Patriots are growing restless about the About to initiate their own action to defend the republic. Trust trump must and vote the insurrection. Act to deploy troops and rest traitors and this goes on to say What do you think about that folks. We know that there's election fraud in pennsylvania we know that there are millions of votes Combined with those four states Michigan wisconsin pennsylvania Even sneaky bs. Over there in arizona. And i mean it just keeps going on and on and on there was even some bs out there in california Voting irregularities but those four states. What do you think's going on in georgia georgia's the other big one. You know georgia can't seem to get their shit together down there. Tell me what. What do you think's going on here. I'll tell you what i think. The democratic party rigged the election. They got machines. That were infiltrated by china. And we know how that goes these. These voting machines are deployed all over all these cities. Well what happened. Was these democratic rand cities especially michigan. Where i'm from originally now residing in florida. Thank god for that. Every day i think god voting machines were distributed all over the united states. It's up to the individual City mayors and governors so on so forth to accept or deny these voting machines in the voting machines. Get into in a few minutes were purposely rigged. They were rigged so they would put out obviously count more of bide boats. Think about it. If you're joe i by an you have say for example.

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