Biden Team Faults Mnuchin for Letting Fed Aid Programs Lapse


Mnuchin treasury secretary currently serving to president trump seems to want to still curry favor with his boss because he's willing to undermine the american economy and american workers across the country for the sake of political maneuver to hamper joe biden. I mean it's just amazing. We learned today. That treasury secretary mnuchin with the president's full support obviously is ending several emergency lending programs as part of the cove relief that has been in place over these last. Many months will what economists says that. That is a smart thing to do right now. You'd be hard pressed to find one and in fact the chairman of the federal reserve is publicly at odds with it. He's saying we need every tool possible right now to keep this economy from cratering as this pandemic continues to rage unabated and there's only one conclusion to draw here's to why president trump and secretary mnuchin would be doing this that is to actually hamper the economy. Because that'll make it tougher for joe biden when he takes over. That's what all of this is about. And now mnuchin and trump are saying to the american people. They don't care about your economic wellbeing as much as they care about scoring political points on the incoming president joe biden.

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