Retailers brace as virus bears down on consumers and economy


Virus pandemic through Americans by the tens of thousands out of work, thanks were quick to pull back on new credit card offers as they braced for a flood of default. It never came now. Bloomberg's Jenny's terrain says the banks have reversed course. Now they're saying, you know, heading into the holiday season. We're really looking to quietly customers because the trends that we're seeing in the numbers that we're seeing tell us that that's okay. Whether consumers will bite is another matter really haven't seen consumers looking to take on more cards that they've actually been doing the opposite. Paying it off. Consumers do take on more debt. They'll probably do it in the next month or so, With holiday shopping off to an early start to be a very strange holiday season. I think retailers credit card issue Thanks for all trying to figure out exactly what that looks like for banks, adding credit card customers comes with risks. They don't want to be the lender of last resort should the economy stumble, and it could take years for new customers to become profitable. From

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