Wondery presents Jacked: Rise of the New Jack Sound


New jack swing sound. You know the songs. Bobby brown's my prerogative. Bell biv devos poison black streets digging from wondering universal music. Group comes jacked rise of the new jack sound hosted by taraji p henson. No new jack. Swing group was a successful as guy. Teddy riley timmy. Gatling created a sound. That would change the music industry forever. As their songs rocketed to the top of the charts their manager became more and more dead set on their success. He kicked out ban members controlled their every move and created tons of enemies along the way. Tensions reached a boiling point at a sweltering summer music festival when they came head to head with rival band new edition during the crescendo of their set a gunshot rang out and the entire audience ran for the exits. When the smoke cleared there was a dead body on the stage and a manhunt for a murderer at the heart of music's biggest seen.

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