Islamic State claims responsibility for wedding blast that killed dozens of people

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From n._p._r. News in washington. I'm barbara klein. The islamic state is claiming responsibility for bombing a wedding in kabul last night that that killed dozens of people jennifer glass reports from the afghan capital. The islamic state says it sent a suicide bomber to a wedding hall minority shia neighborhood. The attack killed at least sixty three and wounded. One hundred and eighty. Two islamic state has repeatedly targeted the mainly shia hazara minority in an apparent attempt defense secretary intentions here. Afghans <unk> are burying the dead including fourteen members of one family. The taliban condemned the attack but the afghan president said the group cannot absolve themselves of blame because they provide a platform at form for terrorists tensions are high here with the taliban in the united states saying they're close to an agreement on the withdrawal of some american troops in exchange for counterterrorism support and an eventual eventual ceasefire but the afghan government has been excluded from the talks and the afghan people are worried that the deal could embolden the taliban and lead to more violence for n._p._r. News i'm jennifer glass in kabul.

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