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Of the parkland high school students have been kind of quiet but they are back in a big way today unveiling their peace plan for America The Washington Post got all the details on their peace plan on how to eliminate gun violence and mass shootings in America and it's a Whopper yeah it's pretty much less just eliminate guns I mean it's kinda where they're headed because they they want to do it all they want a national licensing and registry they want you to sit down for interviews to get your license and then they want you to renew it every year they want to ban the assault rifles or weapons they want to be in the high capacity magazines they want a mandatory gun that gun buy back program so yeah I mean they should have just said we want your guns turn a man yeah why can't have guns anymore and not all that will solve all our violence problems line up over here and take a number and this plan is being unveiled today it's a peace plan for a safer America David hall again a lot of the students from parkland where that horrible shooting occurred are the faces and voices of this you can be sure that there's a lot of big money behind this behind the scenes loosely helping them and it's all being rolled out today David hog one of the founders of the March for our lives says this is a critical moment our country's in a lot of pain right now you see the shootings on TV every day very little is happening it's painful to watch it's been hard for me and many of the other students we want answers now this is the plan and we will be pushing hard to get this enacted I am the thing was that a yes they went through something very traumatic and that hopefully the majority of the you know most of us listening or not ever going to have to experience but I take a step back in you in in go okay if we do this what are the chances of it being successful very very slow down and it's not clear right okay all of

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