Dennis' Moment Lives up to the Hype in Iroquois


Good morning my friend very good more this where we just played the clip type of this horse breaking his maiden Dennis's moment and have you. I know you've been around some pretty darn. Good horses my friend but this is that impressed that performance was so so so impressive yeah. It's bad in the best meaning victory ever seen so I've been around a Lotta. He acts like he's one of the best. When did you start to get in a sense that he could be this kind of horse like him a lot when they were breaking even then we came into us when the first time she prays. I'm working with some good horses. Nobody can keep up with it so figured we were on something pretty special and then he comes out in his maiden race and clips heels loses. Jockey Robbie Alvarado that was in June and then redeems himself of that nineteen eight victory what was going through your mind when you saw him clip heels and saw Robbie come off. That was a bad day. I was just I hope I saw the ratings. Were still in place in soap. They went come over said tripping wouldn't get hurt and then worried about he was hurt when we got back to the barn but he's sure got lucky that day and that's that's show how good he really is in. The stomach did get get himself up recovering. Come back in and Iran down to Orson wonder race and fifty Yup Yup. You know you were saying that that was maybe the most special maiden breaking performance performance that you've seen it. You've seen a lot of them. Nineteen lengths the final margin I as as he's drawing off through the stretch and you're watching that what's going through your mind. Well I mean. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. He just got widening and asks the Jack said he actually never asked him to. Rani said he couldn't tell us going that fast but turnaround look. There's nobody back there. I mean it had me shaken with so impressive when now he s a stretch out go to turns in in this mile and a sixteenth Iroquois later this afternoon. What have you done to make sure he's ready to stretch out. Well yet missed a beat. I mean the thing is you don't want to Overdo it. He's but he missed a pre work then on racetrack over day since handed and he's naturally should rallied the distance with federal great yeah he should son of. Tis Now and a horse that appears to be is talented as they come and just in case you're wondering they'll just two hundred thirty one days ten hours six minutes and four seconds until the first Saturday in May that's a lot of strategy for a horse. Do you let that cross your mind at all at this point. That's way too early. I mean you can't help but to start dreaming a little bit but there's so much inbetween here and we just wanted to get through this race if you're expecting superbowl towards the Breeders Cup. You've done pretty well in this Iroquois this again looking for your third victory. you want it in two thousand thirteen we Kleber and came back in two thousand sixteen with not this time. What is it about this race. It just seems to fit your overall schedule and your philosophy was churchill downs for one. That's that's how I need to know. The last ten years we deal with a lot of courses trying to make a derby horse or triple crown horse. This is the first step in the past thirty so it's just a pretty obvious fit force you know he showed a lot of speed going to the to the front right off the bat and that seven Furlong Maiden win. Is that the strategy. You expect to see again today. There's a lot of speed in the race so it just leave it up to the ACA Iran Ortiz. The best rat countries coming in around him breaking. Put him wherever he feels comfortable. Just try not to give him. Stop talking about that relationship. You have with the al-baas obviously you've you've had a ton of success in recent years partnering with them talk about that relationship yeah. It's been good I mean. We put a system together several years ago to try to get derby horses. We've put up. We've had a five years. I've got the three times and really everybody thinks they have a Lotta. Horses will only about eight euros a year so the systems working and hopefully this horse can get us there. A two definitely deserved win the big yeah no doubt about it. This horse sold for four hundred thousand dollars as a yearling at the Saratoga sale the phasing Tipton Saratoga sale last last year. What was it you saw him as a yearling that made you think okay we gotta have him well. We got a big team. That goes out selects. The horses got from the pedigree the analyst of the shortlist very park for not come through with the final say and he just jumped through all the hoops you have to go through the cardiovascular exam a skeleton exam he jumped through all the hoops and you know the price point we thought was fair for Saratoga. Especially four hundred thousand looks like it's GonNa pay the off. Yeah it certainly does. He's he's talented. Dennis's moment in the grade three Iroquois race ten at Churchill this afternoon yet a few others to you have three other maidens ends that are entered you have to in the fourth race in one in the eleventh race following the Iroquois Tell me a little bit about cigar box and fight fight fight in the fourth scratched fight fight fight fight. I don't like him. Come out on the white running KLOM race and cigar box source. He's doing good. You never know about our debut but he's training very well. later later on we've got the very top divorce and continental clash another. Tis Now. He's a big strong. Colton who got started anymore else. He just wanted to stretch out on. I just want to get a raise at L. Cave you. You know it's funny. When you think about sport seems Dale you often hear that they don't rebuild build. They reload in every year. You come round with these top two year olds. It seems like that's all you do. You don't rebuild just reload this game. Everything starts on September. When we start on babysit hopefully continue to do that. You know the our goal is to win executor. Everyone saying the only way you can do to start with some good young horses yeah it would be special special del Romans a native of Louisville to win the Kentucky Derby at his home track in his home town would be quite remarkable. Dale is always man. I appreciate the visit and thanks thanks for spending a few minutes. I know you got a lot of things to get to today so I'll let you

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