Saudi diplomat says no response to oil attack off the table


How far could the United States and Saudi Arabia pusher confrontation with Iran well the allies are considering how to answer an attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia the United States cast suspicion on Iran without yet offering evidence in public the Saudis have offered what they say is evidence that the attack was quote sponsored by Iran the Saudis dismissed the armed group in Yemen that claimed responsibility Iran says it is not to blame here so what now let's work through this story with NPR's Peter Kenyon has been following developments from missed and ball hi Peter hi Steve what did Saudi Arabia present well they showed some drones and missiles that they said were clearly a running weapons what they didn't do in so many words was declared that they have any proof that the attack was launched from inside Iran they say that still under investigation so we'll have to see if that's just a matter of time or whether re maybe leaving an option open to avoid escalation yeah I guess if they say sponsored by Iran that actually still gives a little space between saying it was actually Iran committing the attack but have any outside groups independent observers of any kind but able to weigh in on the quality of the evidence at well France has said it doesn't find the other claim which was by the who the rebels in Yemen that they were responsible for the attack Frances that's not a very credible claim and of course Washington's laid out and quite a lot of detail why it doesn't believe the who these are capable of an attack this big this sophisticated carried out over several hundred miles distance and Peter is you know very well this comes amid rising tensions between the US and Iran and the Saudis for that matter have the U. S. in the Saudis on their side found very many allies well. they're they're getting a coalition secretary state Mike Pompeii talked about that it includes the U. S. the UK Australia Bahrain and then most recently the United Arab Emirates joined it's not clear exactly what they'll be doing but the stated goal is to protection thing in Mideast waters including the strait of Hormuz whose rest to the Persian Gulf on the plane to Saudi Arabia by the way secretary of state Pompey was asked about this very expensive missile defense systems that have been sold to the Saudis at which failed to stop the Iranian missile and he had knowledge such systems can't guarantee a country won't be hip to here so we put it we see there the first advent

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