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Dem Rep. Al Green: Impeach Trump For Racist Tweets


Yesterday. An attempt was made to impeach trump congressman Al Green Democrat from Texas filed the resolution as a response wants to trump's boil boldly indeed racist suggestion for U._S.. Congresswoman go back Wednesday came a theme gleefully elaborated upon by chorus of hooting yokels at a trump rally in North Carolina last night now. I'm joined with more on this by U._S.. U._S. affairs analyst Jacob Para Kilos Jacob the thing that may not seem immediately apparent to the passing observer this is of course the Democrats do have a majority in the House of Representatives but the impeachment vote what was lost three hundred and thirty two to ninety five with one hundred and thirty seven hundred thirty seven Democrats voting against why well there's a significant strategic difference of opinion amongst the Democratic House caucus about how to proceed receive impeachment or indeed whether to proceed with impeachment at all this came up very very quickly in direct response to the president's racist tweets and follow up commentary about Ilhan Omar Alexandra Cossio Cortez and other Democratic representatives who are all not coincidentally women of color he basically I think <hes> representative green described this as a vote of conscience. I mean the the normal way to do. If there is such a thing because as you rightly point out impeachment it's very rare in American history but the normal way to do this the process that Nixon was in the middle of what he decided to resign would be to hold hearings to open an impeachment inquiry to sort of move this forward through a long and fairly arduous process rather than just snapping to an impeachment vote because of course the impeachment itself is not the removal from office.

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Dem Rep. Al Green: Impeach Trump For Racist Tweets

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