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Our aid well last night in the club house Indy is going on a bit of a break he won't be back for a couple weeks but he did have a final hurrah on Sunday night we had Kate Upton in fifty cents an hour the last time fifty cent was on he had ten thousand dollars in his wallet because sandy just remember that I am not writing just said how much money do you remember and and John Benjamin **** bro boy it was unbelievable so I think and kidnapped him was really as a fine gas and I shared an amazing outfit on it reminded me of something like a Bucks some Audrey Hepburn would have worn in breakfast at Tiffany's it was you know the game yeah yeah she really she really is and odd so someone a caller when you know what she thinks of the rumored to Victoria's secret might not to their annual fashion show my question is for Kate you look beautiful right yeah I'm what's your reaction to the rumors that Victoria's secret may not have a fashion show this year I worked with them right I did work with that we work with them yeah and you know why we're sick of seeing the same body type you have to be body inclusive now everyone news news for us it is true because they're interchangeable the bodies to come down the runway watches that besides ma'am who ever watch that yeah I mean it would get its five five and a half yeah million people

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